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To extend the service life of the clean bench, you need to do these points

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Biopharmaceuticals have become a shining star in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, the pharmaceutical industry stock index is ups and downs, but some institutional sources believe that the individual stocks in the biopharmaceutical sector are still worthy of mid-line layout. In the biopharmaceutical industry, medical personnel have an increasing demand for clean local work areas. To meet this demand, the frequency of use of clean benches has increased significantly.

The purification workbench is a widely used equipment in microbiological testing laboratories, not only in the biopharmaceutical industry, but also widely used in local sterile working environments such as electronics, optics, and plant cultivation. In addition, it can also use the connected assembly line, which has the advantages of mobility and ultra-low noise. Of course, it can also be used as an air purification device that improves local cleanliness and versatility.

Generally speaking, the indoor air will be pressed into the static pressure box by the multi-wing forward adjustable fan through the pre-filter, and then pressed out through the high-efficiency air filter. Blow out to form a high-cleanliness working environment in the working area. According to cleaning experts, high-efficiency filters have higher requirements for the filtration efficiency of bacteria, so the air entering the work area should be sterile and dust-free air. In order to ensure a sterile environment, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp installed on the diffuser plate on the air outlet surface of the purification workbench can kill the residual bacteria.

With the expansion of the scope of use of the purification workbench, the corresponding use monitoring program should also be established. The author has learned that some clean manufacturers have formulated relevant monitoring procedures for the use of clean benches. For example, the integrity and laminar flow rate of the high-efficiency filter should be confirmed; after the installation of the purification workbench, integrity (leakage) inspection and filtration efficiency (performance) testing must be carried out at the use site.

Another example is to regularly monitor the microbiological quality of the purification workbench, the internal surface of the sterile isolation system and the internal air quality; if the equipment is found to be unstable in daily management, or the environmental monitoring results are abnormal, the purification workbench or the microbiological test results are deviated. As for the upward trend, operators must immediately conduct integrity inspections and performance tests.

The contents of the above-mentioned regulations are all regulations that operators and pharmaceutical companies need to follow, and the formulation of these regulations will more effectively and clearly restrict the use of operators. In addition to the development of monitoring procedures, the common sense of maintenance of the purification workbench also needs to be understood, especially the operator, which is related to the service life of the purification workbench.

According to the relevant personnel of Zhejiang Sujing Purification Equipment Co., Ltd., the air inlet of the purification workbench is on the back or under the front. Many people ignore the ordinary foam plastic sheet or non-woven fabric in the metal mesh cover. The function of this foam plastic sheet and non-woven fabric is to block dust. It should be inspected and removed at ordinary times. If it is found to be aging or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

The person also said that the length of the working life of the purification workbench is actually related to the cleanliness of the air. For example, customers in temperate regions usually use the clean bench in the laboratory when they use it, while customers in tropical or subtropical areas need to put the clean bench in a double door indoor use. What needs to be reminded is that whether it is temperate, tropical or subtropical, do not put the air inlet hood of the purification workbench directly against the opened doors and windows, because it will directly affect the service life of the filter.

This is not the only measure to prolong the service life of the purification workbench. In daily operation, the staff must regularly check the electrical circuit; when replacing the high-efficiency air filter, pay attention to whether the type of the high-efficiency air filter is correct and recognize it. The arrow mark on the high-efficiency filter, the arrow should point to the direction of air flow. If you want to install the ultraviolet lamp on the purification workbench, it should be installed outside the lampshade as far as possible, and staggered with the lamp, arranged in parallel, so as not to hinder the lighting.

With the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry, the attention of clean benches will also increase. For companies and operators, in addition to selecting clean benches with advanced quality and technology, they must also pay attention to the daily use and maintenance of the products. Only in this way can the service life of the clean benches be extended, production costs reduced, and production efficiency improved.

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