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Matters needing attention in the maintenance of explosion-proof motors

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The explosion-proof motor uses a flameproof enclosure to separate the electrical parts that may produce sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures from the surrounding explosive gas mixture. However, this kind of housing is not hermetically sealed, and the surrounding explosive gas mixture can enter the interior of the motor through the gaps between the joint surfaces of each part of the housing. It may explode when it comes into contact with ignition sources such as sparks, arcs, and dangerous high temperatures in the enclosure. At this time, the flameproof enclosure of the motor will not be damaged or deformed, but also when the explosion flame or hot gas is transmitted through the gap between the joints, Nor can it ignite the surrounding explosive gas mixture.

The following content briefly describes the precautions of the motor during maintenance:

  • 1. The explosion-proof motor shall not be disassembled at will; during disassembly and maintenance, the explosion-proof surface of the part cannot be used as the fulcrum of the crowbar, and it is not allowed to knock or hit the explosion-proof surface.
  • 2. When disassembling the motor, first remove the wind cover and fan, and then use the casing wrench to remove the bolts of the end cover and the bearing cover, and then use a log or copper rod to hit the shaft extension in the axial direction to separate the end cover from the base. , And finally remove the rotor. Remove the parts, put them aside with the explosion-proof surface facing up, and cover them with rubber or cloth liners. Be careful not to lose the fastening bolts and spring washers.
  • 3. When dipping and assembling, the insulating paint or dirt attached to the explosion-proof surface should be cleaned, and hard objects such as iron sheets should not be scratched, but uneven areas can be grind with oilstone.
  • 4. If the explosion-proof surface is damaged, lead-tin solder HISnPb58-2 must be used, the flux is 30% hydrochloric acid (for steel parts) or tin-zinc solder containing 58-60% tin, and the flux is 30% ammonium chloride. Zinc chloride 70%, add water 100-150% mixed solution (for cast iron parts) for welding repair, the solder and the parts must be firmly combined, and the convex parts must be ground to achieve the specified smoothness.
  • 5. In order to prevent the explosion-proof surface from rusting, oil or 204-1 replacement anti-rust oil should be applied to the explosion-proof surface.

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