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The superiority of V method casting in production

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V method casting has good process performance, high dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, reproducibility, small machining allowance, and small footprint. V-method casting has no binders that can be recycled, castings have fewer flashes and burrs, the cost of casting cleaning procedures is low, the production cost of the entire foundry industry is low, and the investment in the production line is small and quick to start. It is more and more favored by foundry enterprises for its many advantages. It has been widely promoted in China in recent years. At present, there are more than 400 domestic enterprises adopting the V method casting industry.

With the weakening of the economy, the transformation of the domestic economic structure, the increasingly fierce market competition, and the stricter environmental protection, the advantages of V method casting are becoming increasingly apparent. Compared with resin sand casting and sodium silicate sand casting process, V method casting has obvious advantages in terms of production cost, casting quality and working environment. At present, the raw and auxiliary materials, process equipment, and technical management of production machines used in V method casting have been Fully meet the requirements of V method casting production, it can be said that V method casting is one of the more mature casting processes. The design of the production line of V method casting mainly requires careful consideration of the matching of industrial equipment.

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