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14 Suggestions for the Development of Industrial Internet and Industrial Digital Economy

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The Industrial Internet, as a product of the in-depth integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, has increasingly become a key support for the new industrial revolution. To promote industrial innovation and development as the main line, to promote industrial digital transformation as the main direction, accelerate the development of the industrial Internet, and build an industrial digital economy with data as the key element, digital technology innovation as the core driving force, and modern information network as an important carrier. Enhance the quality of structural reforms on the industrial supply side.

Focus on transformation-deepen “Internet + advanced manufacturing”

  • 01Accelerate the layout of the industrial Internet. Use new technologies such as Industrial Ethernet and 5G to promote the construction of low-latency, high-reliability, and wide-coverage industrial Internet network infrastructure, and continue to promote network speed and cost reduction. Accelerate the application of the identification analysis system, give industrial Internet machines and products an “identity card”, and provide basic identification for the precise connection between the supply chain system and the enterprise production system. Speed ​​up research on core technologies such as IPv6. Promote the application research and exploration of edge computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain and other emerging cutting-edge technologies in the industrial Internet.
  • 02Actively develop Internet-based industrial design. Relying on the industrial design center, build an Internet industrial design center and develop new models such as network collaborative design, crowdsourcing design, and virtual simulation. Carry out Internet-based industrial design demonstration and pilot projects, and cultivate backbone enterprises of Internet industrial design. Support Internet companies, manufacturing companies, and industrial design agencies to carry out cooperation in new product pre-sales and consumer behavior analysis, and guide companies to optimize industrial design for consumers and expand effective product supply.
  • 03Promote the collaborative transformation of enterprise network. Promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industrial chain of enterprises, support networked collaboration within and across supply chains of manufacturing enterprises, support qualified large and medium-sized enterprises to implement cross-enterprise and cross-regional networked collaborative manufacturing projects, and promote production equipment, R&D, design, and software Cooperate with services and other resources to accelerate the transformation of traditional serial work methods into parallel work methods, and minimize product development and production cycles. Promote the intelligentization and digital transformation of enterprises, accelerate the integration of the collaboration chain of information flow, data flow, business flow, capital flow, and knowledge flow inside and outside the enterprise, promote the intelligent selection and connection of needs and capabilities between enterprises, and promote the high sharing of enterprise resources and comprehensive capabilities Synergy.
  • 04Cultivate a new model of integration of manufacturing and the Internet. Promote enterprises to use the Internet to develop online value-added services and expand product value space. Develop service-oriented manufacturing. Promote enterprises to use the Internet to develop online value-added services, encourage the development of product lifecycle management and services for smart products and smart equipment, expand product value space, and realize the transformation and upgrading from manufacturing to “manufacturing + service”. Actively cultivate new business formats such as industrial e-commerce, support key industries in key industries to establish online procurement, sales, and service platforms for the industry, and promote the construction of a batch of big data service platforms.
  • 05Implement pilot demonstration projects for smart manufacturing. Implement the transformation of “smart factories” and “digital workshops” in key enterprises, build intelligent manufacturing clusters, create hierarchical, hierarchical, and classified intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises, and promote intelligent manufacturing equipment such as industrial robots, high-end cnc machine tools, 3D printing equipment, and smart sensors Widely used in manufacturing. Encourage enterprises to adopt intelligent technologies such as automatic identification, online monitoring and diagnosis, and data mining, and widely apply manufacturing execution systems, distributed control systems, and digital control systems to realize real-time perception, intelligent networking, quality traceability, and remote diagnosis of the production process.Deepen integration-Promote the deep integration of big data and industrial economy
  • 06Deepen the innovative application of industrial big data. Promote industrial big data application demonstration, select key industries and typical manufacturing companies to carry out industrial big data application project pilots, actively explore new application models and new formats of industrial big data in the product life cycle and the entire industrial chain, and form a batch of industrial big data solution. Accelerate the application of key technologies such as big data acquisition, storage, analysis and mining, and application in the industrial field. Construct a network structure of interconnection between people and machines, machines and materials, and machines and machines in the factory, open up the data chain, and improve the enterprise’s data perception, identification, mining, analysis and management capabilities.
  • 07Use big data to promote personalized customization. Encourage enterprises to use mobile Internet of Things, big data mining and dynamic experience perception to collect and integrate market information and customer needs, through data modeling and analysis, to mine the core value of data, to promote production management and technological innovation, and to improve the original business The service process and mode are designed and optimized to provide low-cost, high-quality, high-efficiency and user-satisfied personalized customized services.
  • 08Implement the “Advanced Manufacturing + Artificial Intelligence” demonstration project. Support high-end intelligent equipment enterprises to strengthen cooperation with artificial intelligence enterprises, promote the in-depth application of intelligent technologies such as intelligent perception, pattern recognition, and intelligent control, and improve the cognitive ability of equipment such as CNC machine tools and industrial intelligent robots for work tasks. Encourage mechanical equipment, electronic information, textiles, footwear and other industries to take the lead in promoting the application of technologies such as human-computer collaboration, data analysis, and intelligent perception, and cultivate a number of pilot enterprises for innovative applications of artificial intelligence. Accelerate the construction of intelligent networks and digital production lines, and improve the entire process of digital modeling and analysis, intelligent process decision-making, and intelligent on-site operation and management of manufacturing enterprises.
  • 09Speed ​​up the construction of industrial cloud platform. Support manufacturing companies, information and communication companies, and Internet companies to build cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet platforms. Strengthen the resource aggregation capabilities of the industrial Internet platform, effectively integrate data resources such as product design, production technology, equipment operation, and operation management, and gather and share manufacturing resources such as design capabilities, production capabilities, software resources, and knowledge models. Support industrial enterprises to “upload on the cloud platform”, centering on key aspects of enterprise production management, using new industrial Internet technologies and new models to implement digital and networked intelligent upgrades to further reduce costs and improve quality and efficiency. Encourage and guide the opening of industrial Internet platforms of large enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • 10Improve the enterprise’s ability to apply cloud technology. Promote cloud aggregation of enterprise capabilities, support enterprises to carry out online and platformization of services such as production, supply and marketing, testing and certification, and technical transactions, and promote cloud collaboration, openness, and sharing of resources such as enterprise needs, manufacturing resources and capabilities, testing resources and services, and through online The combination of the following methods will enhance the company’s rapid response and flexible and efficient supply capabilities. Promote the application of cloud products and services in enterprises, support enterprises to use microservices, light application software and services through purchase and lease, promote the transformation of enterprise’s entire business process to mobile and Internet, and reduce the cost of enterprise information system construction. Accelerate the realization of the cloud aggregation of enterprise’s entire process data and the digital, networked, and intelligent management and control of the production management process, and help enterprises to quickly form informatization capabilities.Accelerate innovation-develop industrial digital economy and cultivate new kinetic energy
  • 11Develop the artificial intelligence industry. Build artificial intelligence industrial parks, artificial intelligence innovation demonstration bases, artificial intelligence research and development centers and other projects, promote the development and application of core technologies such as computer vision, intelligent voice processing, new human-computer interaction, and intelligent decision-making control, and create a new generation of artificial intelligence industry chain. Promote the joint optimization of algorithm innovation and chip design, support the innovation and upgrading of artificial intelligence application software, accelerate the development and industrialization of dedicated artificial intelligence chips for vertical application scenarios, and focus on the development of intelligent systems and AI terminal solutions based on brain-like chips, and promote software Co-development of hardware.
  • 12Develop digital R&D manufacturing. Innovate the “enhanced core and strong screen” and terminal products of the electronic information manufacturing industry, accelerate the industrialization of emerging technologies such as industrial software and big data, and promote the high-quality and agglomeration development of the information technology industry. Strengthen the joint research of industry-university-research research in key technical links such as virtual reality core chips, optical devices, and human-computer interaction. Cultivate virtual reality content production and distribution platforms, develop content material collection, editing, production processing and other technical equipment, and promote the migration of digital content to virtual reality products.
  • 13Speed ​​up the research and development and industrialization of automatic control and sensing technology. Strengthen the research and development and application of key technologies and equipment of sensors in subdivisions, and improve the level of intelligence, miniaturization and integration of sensors. Organize the development and industrialization of programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, industrial computers, as well as online data acquisition, measurement and detection, monitoring and control systems. Accelerate the development of the Internet of Things perception industry, strengthen cooperation with leading companies in the formulation of narrowband Internet of Things standards and chip design, promote technological R&D and model innovation of high-precision sensors, smart instruments and meters, and build an Internet of Things cloud innovation center.
  • 14Explore the innovation of blockchain technology. Exploit the value of blockchain technology, encourage companies to join the open source community, and use international open source technology resources for re-innovation. Using blockchain technology to connect sensors, control modules and systems, communication networks, ERP systems and other systems in manufacturing companies, and through a unified account book infrastructure, all links of production and manufacturing can be monitored for long-term and continuous, and manufacturing can be improved Security and reliability. With the help of the traceability and immutability of blockchain ledger records, problems can be discovered and solved, and the level of intelligent management of manufacturing can be improved.

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