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Cnc Wood Carving Machine. It is divided into three control methods: First, all computing work is completed by computer control. When the engraving machine is working, the computer is in a working state, and other typesetting work cannot be performed, which may cause waste due to misoperation of the computer; Control, the engraving machine can be typesetting while working, but the computer cannot be turned off, which can reduce the waste caused by the misoperation of the computer; the third is to use the USB port to transmit data, the system has a memory capacity of more than 32M, and the file can be completely separated from the computer after saving. Turning off your computer or doing other typesetting can greatly improve your productivity.

Cnc Wood Carving Machine is mainly used for woodworking, crystal, copper, aluminum, etc. make it more aesthetically pleasing. There are many types and brands of woodworking engraving machines, resulting in uneven prices.

The style is customized according to customer needs. It can be applied to wood industry, advertising signs, furniture manufacturing, toy and gift manufacturing, decoration industry, PCB manufacturing, etc.

Function Introduction Of Cnc Wood Carving Machine

The following is a detailed introduction of the key functions of the woodworking engraving machine:

  • Start to pause: When the processing file has been loaded, if the system is in the idle state, press this key, the system starts to run the processing program; if the system is already in the processing state, press this key, the system pauses the processing.
  • Stop: stop the current operation. If the system is in the processing state, press this key to stop the processing; if the system is in the floating tool setting state, press this key to stop the floating tool setting.
  • Continue at breakpoint: If the system is in the processing pause state, press this key, and the system will continue processing at the breakpoint.
  • Continuous: switch the user data input to manual continuous.
  • Spindle switch: If the spindle has been turned off, press this key to turn on the spindle; otherwise, turn off the spindle.
  • Return to origin: press this key, the system executes the command of returning to the origin of the workpiece.
  • 7.×1: Press this key to set the jog step to 0.01mm.
  • 8.×10: Press this key to set the jog step to 0.1mm.
  • 9.×100: Press this key to set the jog step to 1mm.
  • 10.X+: Move the tool to the positive direction of X axis. If it is in the state of continuous jogging, jog continuously in the positive direction of the X axis; otherwise, move forward one step in the positive direction of the X axis according to the current step size. Note: If it is in continuous jogging state, single press this key, the tool will jog continuously at low speed manually; press and hold the combination key of the shift key and this key (press and hold the shift key and then press this key, at this time the shift key Do not release), the tool will be jogged continuously at high speed manually.
  • 11.X-: Move the tool to the negative direction of X axis. The moving speed, step length and key combination are the same as the description of X+ key.
  • 12.Y+: Move the tool to the positive direction of the Y axis. The moving speed, step length and key combination are the same as the description of X+ key.
  • 13.Y-: Move the tool to the negative direction of Y axis. The moving speed, step length and key combination are the same as the description of X+ key.
  • 14.Z+: Move the tool to the positive direction of Z axis. The moving speed, step length and key combination are the same as the description of X+ key.
  • 15.Z-: Move the tool to the negative direction of Z axis. The moving speed, step length and key combination are the same as the description of X+ key.
  • Shift: Pressing this key alone does not have any function, only when this key is pressed in combination with other keys has the corresponding function; please refer to the description of other keys for the type of combination.
  • Knife setting: the second key from the left in the fifth row of the dedicated keypad. Press this key, the system will perform floating tool setting.
  • 18.F-: Press this key to reduce the feed rate.
  • 19.F+: Press this key to increase the feed rate.

It is understood that up to now domestic woodworking machinery products used for furniture production are trending towards high-grade. According to incomplete statistics, my country’s annual output of wood is 50 million cubic meters, man-made panels are about 5 million cubic meters, and there are about 30,000 large and small furniture manufacturers. The total annual demand for wood in the decoration market is 75 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate The rate is about 10%, and the annual demand for woodworking machinery reaches 6 billion yuan.

The Tool Selection Of Cnc Wood Carving Machine

I Basis for selecting milling cutter

  1. Properties of materials to be cut: the objects of wood cutting are solid wood and wood composite materials. Solid wood can be divided into soft wood, hard wood and modified wood; Wood composite materials include veneer laminate, plywood, particleboard, directional particleboard, large particleboard, gypsum particleboard, cement particleboard, hard fiberboard, medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard, joinery board, glued wood, etc. Some wood or wood composite workpieces have to be decorated with one side or two sides.
  2. Cutting direction: when cutting solid wood, wood cutting is divided into longitudinal, transverse, end direction and longitudinal end direction, longitudinal and transverse and transverse end direction according to the direction of the blade relative to wood fiber.
  3. Tool rotation direction and feed direction: determine the inclination direction of the upper blade of the tool according to the rotation direction of the tool shaft of the machine tool and the feed direction of the wood workpiece.
  4. Stability of tools and workpieces: the stability of tools and workpieces in the process of cutting includes several aspects. The stability of workpieces refers to the smooth feeding of wood workpieces without jumping during cutting. The main measures to strengthen the stability of the workpiece are to reduce the center of gravity of the workpiece and increase the contact area.
  5. Processing surface quality requirements: the surface quality of wood workpiece includes surface roughness, geometric dimension and shape position accuracy.

Selection of woodworking milling cutter

  1. Determine the main technical parameters of the milling cutter: tool outer diameter, machining thickness, central aperture and other technical parameters: number of cutter teeth, rotation direction, rotation speed, feed speed, clamping mode and cutter tooth material.
  2. Select the structural form of milling cutter: according to the nature and requirements of the cutting object, select the integral milling cutter, welding integral milling cutter, assembly milling cutter and combined milling cutter from the two aspects of technology and economy.
  3. Selection of milling cutter rotation direction: the milling cutter rotation direction is determined according to the rotation direction of the main shaft of the CNC machining machine and the relative position between the cutter shaft and the feed workpiece. Whether it is an integral milling cutter or an assembly milling cutter, the inclination angle of the cutting edge relative to the radius of the milling cutter determines the rotation direction of the milling cutter.
  4. Selection of cutting parameters of milling cutter: the cutting parameters of milling cutter include cutting speed of milling cutter, feed speed of workpiece and milling depth. The cutting speed of the milling cutter depends on the speed of the milling cutter and the radius of the milling cutter. The feed speed of the workpiece depends on the requirements for the surface quality of cutting. The surface roughness of the workpiece to be cut largely depends on the feed rate per tooth of the milling cutter in the cutting process. If the feed rate per tooth is too large, the machining surface is too rough and the feed rate per tooth is too small, the machining surface will be scorched. Therefore, the feed rate per tooth of the milling cutter must be appropriate.
  5. Stability of milling cutter operation: the stability of milling cutter operation is the basis to ensure machining accuracy and machining surface quality. This includes two aspects: first, the milling cutter vibrates due to external force excitation in cutting; Second, the milling cutter deforms under the action of external force.
  6. Safety of milling cutter processing: the safety of milling cutter processing includes the limitation of milling cutter rotation speed, chip thickness, profile height of forming milling cutter, thickness and extension of assembled milling cutter blade, etc.

Wood cutting is characterized by high-speed cutting, and the rotation speed of milling cutter is more than 3000rpm. High speed cutting brings high production efficiency and smooth surface quality to wood cutting. At the same time, it also brings a series of safety problems. Therefore, when the spindle speed of the milling machine tool reaches 9000rpm, except for the shank milling cutter with a tool less than 16mm, the use of assembly milling cutter shall be prohibited, and strict flaw detection shall be carried out for the weld of the welded integral milling cutter. Chip thickness limit is a necessary measure to ensure that the excessive feed of milling cutter causes serious overload of milling cutter.

For the forming milling cutter, the height of the forming profile is closely related to the clamping mode of the milling cutter, the thickness of the cutting workpiece and the diameter of the milling cutter. After the thickness of the workpiece, the diameter of the milling cutter and the central aperture are determined, the profile height of the milling cutter reflects the strength and stiffness of the milling cutter itself and the bearing capacity of the cutting resistance. Therefore, the profile height must be limited to ensure the safety of milling cutter. When designing the cutter body of assembly milling cutter, the clamping problem of blade must be considered. Whether it is cylindrical cutter body or disc cutter body, the clamping form of blade must ensure that enough clamping force can be provided to resist the rotating centrifugal force.

Spindle Motor

Spindle motor is an important component of computer engraving machine. Its performance has a vital impact on the performance of Cnc Carving Machine. Machining spindles are usually divided into two categories: precision machining spindles and high-power cutting spindles.

The fine machining spindle is characterized by low noise, high speed and high precision. It is suitable for machining particularly fine workpieces, such as seals, nameplates, badges and gifts. Such motors are usually high-speed variable frequency motors with small power, generally below 250W. The disadvantage is that the ability to cut thick materials is poor, which is not suitable for cutting thicker materials.

The high-power cutting spindle is mainly used for cutting and high-power engraving. It is characterized by high power and strong cutting ability. It is especially suitable for cutting characters and three-dimensional characters. Of course, it can also make badges, nameplates, seals, etc.
This kind of high-power spindle can be generally divided into brushless frequency high-speed AC motor and brush AC motor according to the characteristics of the motor. The main differences are:

  • A. The speed of brushless variable frequency motor is high, and the speed range is 700-60000 rpm. Generally, the maximum speed of brush AC motor does not exceed 24000 RPM:
  • B. Brushless variable frequency motor has high rotation accuracy, low wear and low noise, and its noise is much lower than that of brush AC motor;
  • C. The motor will not burn out due to the overload of the frequency converter or its brush, and the motor will not be blocked for a short time;
  • D. Brushless variable frequency motor adopts variable frequency control technology for speed regulation. It is a professional product with long service life. The manufacturer provides free replacement for one year. In the future, the motor can be maintained by replacing the high-speed bearing. However, the brush AC motor has to replace the motor or motor carbon brush because the service life of the motor is about 300 hours, so the carbon brush AC motor is usually not guaranteed for one day.

Selection of control mode and speed

There are three control modes:

  • A. All operations are controlled by computer.
  • B. It is controlled by single chip microcomputer.
  • C. USB port is used to transmit data, and the system has a memory capacity of more than 32m..


The large format engraving machine must adopt the widened imported square guide rail, and its load capacity and precision holding capacity are more than 30 times that of the circular guide rail, ensuring the high quality and high speed of the engraving machine.


Small format engraving machine carves 1mm Chinese characters, or large format engraving machine carves 1.5mm small characters, which should be seen very clearly under the magnifying glass.
Main characteristics of SAJ frequency converter in woodworking engraving machine

  1. Large low-frequency torque and stable output
  2. High performance vector control
  3. Fast torque dynamic response and high speed stability accuracy
  4. Slow down and stop fast
  5. Strong anti-interference ability

The Maintain Of Cnc Wood Carving Machine

After the machine has been used for a long time, it will make a touch sound, a slight sharp metal friction sound, and the vent sawdust will pile up. At this time, it is time to maintain it.

Means of preparation

  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Cross screwdriver
  • Pointed nose pliers
  • Universal needle car oil (sold in hardware store)
  • Small brush

Maintenance steps

  1. Unplug the power cord. safety first.
  2. Take down the plastic sheath, take out the cross screwdriver and untie the two screws counterclockwise.
  3. Take a slotted screwdriver and unscrew the left and right carbon brush screws counterclockwise, take out the carbon brush with pointed nose pliers, and carefully remember the installation position of the carbon brush, so as to recover smoothly.
  4. Clean the dust on the carbon brush with a brush. When there is an air spray gun, spray it gently.
  5. The shell should be removed with a little force.
  6. Rotate the spindle with your fingers to see if there is any sound of touching the machine or metal friction.
  7. Make sure there is no dust, use the universal needle turning oil, drop a little into the seam on the ring, and screw off the shaft with your fingers to ensure that the oil is eaten.
  8. Wipe off the remaining oil, otherwise it will be covered with dust in the future.
  9. Follow the above steps to restore the equipment.
  10. After many screws are locked, first turn them with your fingers to see if they are smooth and whether the carbon brush is installed well, and make sure there is no abnormality.
  11. Plug in and start the machine until the sound is normal!

Purchase Points Of Cnc Wood Carving Machine

Customers should choose the model and power of their engraving machine according to their business needs and capital status.

Generally, the engraving machine with small format is 600mm × 600mm and 600mm × 900mm, feed width 700mm. Engraving two-color board is the most basic application of small format engraving machine, with good acceptance. The price of a smaller engraving machine is not much different from it, but when engraving a two-color plate, it is more troublesome and causes unnecessary waste.

The large format engraving machine has 1200mm × 1200mm、1200mm × 1500mm、1200mm × 2400mm、1300mm × 2500mm、1500mm × 2400mm、2400mm × 3000mm, the feeding width of engraving machines of above models is more than 1350mm, and the size of plexiglass and PVC board on the market is 1220mm × 2440mm, so these models are more suitable for customers who need large format engraving machines.

The Application Of Cnc Wood Carving Machine

  • Woodworking industry: three dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, solid wood door, craft wood door, paint free door, screen and craft window processing, shoe polishing machine, game machine cabinet and panel, mahjong table, computer table and panel furniture products.
  • Advertising industry: advertising signs, logo production, acrylic cutting, Blister molding, production of advertising decoration products of various materials.
  • Mold industry: it can carve metal molds such as copper, aluminum and iron, as well as non-metallic molds such as artificial marble, sandstone, plastic board, PVC pipe and wood board.
  • Other industries: it can carve all kinds of large relief and shadow carvings, which are widely used in the craft gift industry.

The Broken Knife Cause Of Cnc Wood Carving Machine

Processing procedure

The machining program is the instruction of engraving, which includes position instruction and speed instruction. It is the basis of machine tool movement. Therefore, whether the machining program is correct and reasonable directly affects whether the tool will break.

Machine tool itself

Engraving machine is not only the executor of engraving processing, but also the provider of engraving power. Whether the engraving machine is selected correctly and whether the current state of the engraving machine is normal will become the influencing factors of knife breaking.

Cutting tools

The clamping state of the cutter of the engraving machine is also an influencing factor of the cutter breaking. For example, the cutter clamping is not complete, the radial runout is large, or the depth length of the cutter is too long, which may cause the cutter breaking.


Carving material is the object to be processed. If the hardness of the material itself is uneven and there are impurities, it will cause knife breakage.

Workpiece clamping

If the workpiece is not clamped firmly or firmly, it will cause tool breakage.

Cutting fluid

It is obvious when processing hard metal.

Surrounding environment

For example, there are vibration sources around, which will affect the processing state and lead to tool breakage. The abnormal working state of the machine tool caused by unstable voltage or exceeding the working range of the engraving machine will also lead to tool breakage.

The Use Precautions Of Cnc Wood Carving Machine

  1. After setting the engraving position, the workpiece coordinates of X, Y and Z axes must be all classified as “0”.
  2. Adjust the engraving speed and the speed of the spindle motor to prevent the knife from being broken due to too fast speed and too slow speed during engraving.
  3. When automatic tool setting, note that the tool setting block must be insulated from the aluminum table of the engraving machine.
  4. When engraving, if you are not sure about the first knife or are afraid of making mistakes, you can slow down the feeding speed, and then adjust the speed back to normal when you feel that the engraving is normal; you can also simulate engraving in the air travel to see if it is normal.
  5. If the woodworking engraving machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueled and idling every week, preferably every week, to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.
  6. The continuous running time of the woodworking engraving machine is required to be less than 10 hours/day; to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump, the water-cooled spindle motor must never be short of water, and the cooling water should be replaced regularly to prevent the water temperature from being too high and circulating. As much water as possible, you can replace the large-capacity water tank.
  7. After each use of the woodworking engraving machine, pay attention to cleaning. The dust on the platform and the transmission system must be cleaned up; regularly lubricate the X, Y, and Z axes of the transmission system.
  8. It is best for operators to wear dust masks and protective glasses when operating the woodworking engraving machine to avoid the dust generated during processing from invading the human body and causing discomfort.
  9. The daily maintenance method of the woodworking engraving machine should add a certain dust-proof and dust-removing device to the woodworking engraving machine, and select the dust-removing equipment to be used together.

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