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Talking about the casting process of vacuum pumping system

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The vacuum pumping system is composed of a vacuum pump, a surge tank, a dust removal tank and a valve link pipeline. The vacuum degree of the vacuum pump and the selection of the pumping volume are the keys to the success or failure of the V method. Generally, the high vacuum degree in production is about -66500Pa (-500mmHg).

The surge tank is a sealed container. Its function is mainly to stabilize the pressure of the vacuum system, buffer the influence of the system pressure on the shape, and also play a role in filtering dust.

Long-term reuse of the sandbox and hot metal pouring can damage the filter of the sandbox. The sand is sucked into the vacuum pump to cause damage. Fortunately, the dust collector is added to the vacuum pump, and the dust tank is connected to the vacuum pump to ensure the service life of the vacuum pump. .

  • 1. Put the sand box with the filter suction pipe on the template covered with plastic film;
  • 2. Release the vacuum in the template, and then draw the mold. The mold must continue to be vacuumed until the poured casting solidifies. Follow the rule of law and model;
  • 3. After the metal is solidified, stop pumping air to the mold. When the pressure in the mold is close to atmospheric pressure, the mold will collapse by itself.
  • 4. Manufacture a plate with a suction box and a suction hole;
  • 5. Inserting the core, closing the box, and pouring;
  • 6. Fill the sand box with dry quartz sand with no binder and a particle size of 100-200 mesh, use micro-vibration to make the sand compact, flatten, put on the sealing film, open the valve to remove the air in the sand, and make the mold There is a pressure difference between inside and outside (about 300~400mmHg). Due to the pressure difference, the mold is formed and has a higher hardness, and the wet hardness tester can read about 95;
  • 7. Cover the plastic film that is in a plastic state and heat it on the template. The temperature is generally between 80°C and 120°C. At the same time, the vacuum pump draws air to make the film tightly adhere to the template for forming;

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