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ATR Chassis Standard Size Table

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ATR Chassis Standard Size Table

All electronic devices are rectangular parallelepipeds with exactly the same height and a size of 7.625 inches. Electronic cnc machining devices with different functions can choose different lengths and widths. The different width codes are “long” and “short”, and the sizes are 19.5625 inches and 12.5625 inches respectively; the different width codes are 1/4ATR, 3/8ATR, 1/2ATR, 3/4ATR, 1ATR, 1 1/ 2 There are 6 types of ATR, the sizes are 2.25 inches, 3.5625 inches, 4.875 inches, 7.5 inches, 10.125 inches, 15.375 inches, and the width tolerance is agreed to be ±0.03125 inches. 

The protrusions on the top, side and rear of the case are not allowed to exceed 1.6MM, and no protrusions are allowed on the bottom of the case. If the enclosure with standard specification space is not a rectangular parallelepiped, the outer dimension of the sheet metal enclosure exceeds the space of the selected enclosure specification. Allows for several smaller enclosures to fit together in one sheet metal enclosure size space.

ATR chassis dimensions (unit: mm):

Chassis Specificationswidth (B)Length (L)Height (H)Maximum allowable weight
1/4 ATR-S-D57.2315866.5kg
1/4 ATR-S-H3151946.5kg
1/4 ATR-L-H4931946.5kg
3/8 ATR-S-D90.43158610.0kg
3/8 ATR-S-H31519410.0kg
3/8 ATR-L-H49319410.0kg
1/2 ATR-S-D124.03158613.5kg
1/2 ATR-S-H31519413.5kg
1/2 ATR-L-H49319413.5kg
5/8 ATR-S-H157.231519417.0kg
5/8 ATR-L-H49319417.0kg
3/4 ATR-S-H190.531519420.5kg
3/4 ATR-L-H49319420.5kg
1 ATR-S-H256.331519427.5kg
1 ATR-L-H49319427.5kg
1 1/2 ATR-S-H388.431519427.5kg
1 1/2 ATR-L-H49319427.5kg

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