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CNC Polishing Machine

The CNC polishing machine servo constant pressure polishing, real-time compensation for consumables loss; the polishing disc is driven by an independent motor, and the positive and negative rotations are automatically switched to meet the needs of different processes; the CNC polishing machine is mainly used for mobile phones of non-metallic materials such as glass, ceramics, etc. 2.5D, 3D cover and aluminum alloy and other metal material back cover polishing.

Equipment Structure Characteristics

  • ● Manual feeding of grinding wheel and wool wheel
  • ● Fixed stroke speed of grinding head
  • ● The stroke movement of the grinding head
  • ● Gear rack drive
  • ● Cantilever fuselage structure
  • ● Electromagnetic chuck knife holder
  • ● Turbine and worm drive
  • ● Rotation angle of worktable: 0~±90 degrees
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  • ● Imported electrical components (optional device)
  • ● Scraper fixture (optional device)

The Structure Of CNC Polishing Machine

Compared with manual polishing machines and automatic polishing machines, the CNC polishing machine is a kind of polishing equipment that has been upgraded, and its main function is still used for the surface polishing treatment of metal products. Compared with the automatic polishing machine, the CNC programming system, automatic guide rail, multi-axis synchronization and other equipment are reduced. Here is mainly explained from the structure of the CNC polishing machine, which is broken down into power system, grinding head, workbench, protective cover/cover, hydraulic system, operating system and other sections.

  • Power system: It mainly includes the motor to obtain power, the transmission motor transmits the power to create the main shaft, and the main shaft causes the polishing wheel to rotate, which is beyond the purpose of polishing.
  • Grinding head: One type is a grinding head that must be connected to a motor, and the polishing wheel must be installed on one end of the motor shaft; the other type is installed on the drive shaft, and the polishing wheel is operated by a grinding shaft. This way the power operation of the polishing wheel More stable.
  • Workbench: Due to the simple appearance of the processed products, the CNC polishing machine workbench uses multi-axis synchronization, but it is a relatively strong enterprise that does more than five-axis synchronization in China. In addition, the shape of the workbench is mainly based on the original polished product. This section has large changes. Different products have different rejections of the workbench during polishing. This refuses to customize the workbench during mechanical production. Converted into.
  • Dust cover: Because the grinding dust is small, the grinding equipment is often equipped with a dust cover to prevent the spread of dust. Due to the safety accidents that often occur in some grinding and processing plants, most of the current grinding equipment is still equipped with explosion-proof lights and other devices in the dust cover.
  • Hydraulic system: It also includes an automatic wax spraying system, which can synchronize and automatically spray wax on the polishing wheel. Including an automatic spray gun and a hydraulic barrel, the automatic spray gun is installed on the side of the polishing wheel, and the hydraulic barrel is responsible for managing the acquisition of high-pressure power for the spray gun.
  • Operating system: and CNC operating system, which is also the symbol of CNC polishing machine. At present, the automatic polishing machine mainly uses the PCL operating system, while the CNC polishing machine uses the more advanced CNC system. The system pre-sets the worktable stroke, and the machine runs according to the original stroke during processing to ensure the polishing effect of the processed product.

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