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CNC Spinning Machine

Metal Spinning means that after the sheet metal blank is clamped in the axial direction of the forming die, the Mold and the blank rotate under the biaxial drive, and are continuously squeezed by the forming wheel in the radial direction, so that the metal blank is gradually deformed and finally on the axial surface A process in which both the outer surface of the cylinder and the outer surface of the cylinder form the desired shape.

The metal spinning forming process is the flow and plastic deformation of the metal. The material of the metal blank, the spinning forming wheel, the spinning pressure and the feed speed are appropriately selected, which can form a metal surface with strong hardness, high wear resistance and high smoothness on the molding surface. .

The runout accuracy of the formed bus bar relative to the shaft core can reach 0.02mm. This molding method is suitable for rotating parts with complex shapes on the surface. Such as: toothed belt pulleys, multi-ribbed groove belt pulleys, etc.

Basic Procedures For The Operation Of CNC Spinning Machines.

Nowadays, CNC spinning machines basically adopt man-machine interface operation mode, which is simple and easy to use. Reasonable operation mode can not only ensure the durability and stability of the equipment, but also improve production efficiency and ensure production safety.

Matters needing attention during operation of CNC spinning machine:

  • 1. Check whether the proximity switch of each function is effective, and prevent the processing program from being unable to work due to the loose or damage of the proximity switch;
  • 2. When the emergency button is pressed, the operation selection switch on the operation surface must be adjusted to the manual position. After troubleshooting, in the manual state, restore the original work positions and continue processing.

Maintenance schedule of CNC spinning machine:

  • 1. It is necessary to check the lubricating oil level and coordinate axis position before use, and check whether the direction of movement is barrier-free;
  • 2. Check whether the fasteners are loose, and whether the typical parts are firm and reliable;
  • 3. After starting the system, troubleshoot the alarm situation;
  • 4. Start the spindle system, hydraulic station, and jog to run all actions;
  • 5. Run the machine empty for 2-3 minutes, and check whether the machine lubrication, vibration, cooling, and noise are normal;
  • 6. During operation, if the power meter encounters any abnormality, it needs to be shut down immediately;
  • 7. After the equipment is used, the machine site should be kept clean and tidy;
  • 8. Do a good job handover carefully, summarize the problems that occurred during the operation of the equipment and explain to the handover personnel to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

The CNC spinning machine is generally composed of the main body, the spindle box, the rotating shaft seat, the tailstock and other main components. In the spinning process, the blank (plate or ring) is clamped

Tighten the Mold to make it rotate, and press and press the spinning wheel, so that the blank is continuously deformed point by point and becomes a workpiece.

  • Uses: This CNC spinning machine is suitable for industries such as lamps, cookware, tableware, and handicrafts. Can complete barrel type, cone type, parabolic type, la
  • Batch production of horn type and warhead type products.
  • Features: This CNC spinning machine is economical. Mainly for the products of copper, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel materials, flat knives, sharp knives, repairing
  • Edge knives and crimping knives. It solves the difficulty that other brands of CNC spinning machines cannot process various materials and various shapes.
  • Spinning range: Diameter of blank: 500MM Thickness of aluminum: 0.5-4mm. Thickness of iron sheet: 0.5-2mm. Copper sheet thickness: 0.5-1.5mm.
  • Thickness of stainless steel sheet: 0.5-1.5mm.
  • CNC spinning equipment is suitable for the processing of metal spinning parts and pipe fittings such as iron, aluminum and copper, and is widely used in lighting, handicrafts, furniture, automobiles and other industries. The tools used are wide and flexible, and have high production efficiency. It can complete a series of molds (such as barrel, cone, parabolic, trumpet, bullet, etc.) and multiple molds (such as vases, gourds, round balls, etc.). Type, etc.) mass production.

Product Description

  • 1. With mature CAD drawing programming software function, the motion track of the rotary wheel can be straight line, arc, multi-arc connecting line and combined curve
  • Lines, etc., and input into the computer for standardized programming of passes.
  • 2. The operator can input process parameters and spinning passes through the keyboard and operation panel, and can edit, store and recall at will.
  • 3. It has the “copy” protection function of the core mold contour, that is, the rotating wheel will not collide with the core mold during process adjustment and recording and teaching.
  • 4. The machine tool can pause the feed rate and spindle speed in the automatic program. With stroke limit protection, the software and hardware in the control system are extremely
  • Limit protection, fault detection and alarm functions.
  • 5. Automatic detection of failures, automatic diagnosis and overload protection for each unit when starting up.
  • 6. According to the requirements of users, spinning forming of parts of various special shapes can be realized to ensure the relevant dimensions of the workpiece shape, diameter, thinning rate, etc.
  • 7. Finish trimming, flanging, crimping, necking, rolling, finishing shape and thread processing in the same machine tool.

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