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Oval Roll Forming Machine

The elliptical rolling forming machine is composed of a rolling head device, a rolling head translation device, a transmission and braking device, a machine base, a main shaft assembly, a die base elliptical motion device, a rolling head seat, a motor and an electrical control system, etc. The features are: The elliptical motion device of the die base includes a die base, a slide block, a slide block base, a die plate, a fixed plate, an ellipse long-axis adjustment rod and a die stand, and the die base is connected to the slide block through the lower part, The slider is arranged in the slider seat with a dovetail groove structure matched with the lower part of the slider to form a sliding mechanism;

The slider seat is connected with the main shaft by a tapered sleeve method, and the template plate is fixed on a fixing plate with two long screw holes by bolts. One end of the fixing plate is connected with the slider by bolts, and the other end is tightened. Rely on the mold plate.

What Is Oval Roll Forming Machine

It is a high degree of automation and full-featured daily-use ceramic oval roll forming machine, which can improve product quality, enhance efficacy and reduce labor intensity of workers, and at the same time promote the technological progress of the entire industry in this production field.

The Installation And Debugging Of Oval Roll Forming Machine

Installation and debugging of the molding machine: The position of the embedded parts of the molding machine should be accurate and firm, the foundation should meet the design requirements, and the strength of the allowable installation should be achieved. The factory QTJ4-25 block forming machine has been tested in the factory according to relevant regulations, but due to long-distance transportation and long-term placement, the following inspections should be carried out during installation:

  1. Check whether the machine is damaged or deformed during transportation;
  2. Check whether the fasteners in the main parts of the machine are loose;
  3. Check whether the oil pool of the reducer, the vibration exciter of the vibration table and each lubrication point require refueling, and whether the oil quantity is appropriate;
  4. Check whether the braking effect of the main drive and braking motor is sensitive and reliable.

In addition, the machine should be fully wiped and tested, and the parts that slide relative to the moving parts should be lubricated according to regulations before the test. If the machine needs to be disassembled due to transportation, it can be divided into forming device, base plate device, feeding device, roller table and electrical control box, etc., and should be assembled in place according to the assembly relationship during installation.

The Maintenance Of Oval Roll Forming Machine

  1. Before driving, check whether the main engine is complete, whether the belt is tight and whether the electrical is loose, and whether the electrical grounding is good;
  2. Check whether the connecting bolts of the vibration table, mold box and slider, vibrator and indenter beam, feeding setting and main frame are loose;
  3. Check the moving parts and add lubricating oil according to the lubrication requirements;
  4. It is forbidden to run the vibrator with no load;
  5. After the end of each day’s work, all parts of the machine should be in the initial state and thoroughly clean all parts of the machine to prevent concrete from coagulating on the machine, but do not wash the machine with water;
  6. The vibrating device and reducer should be regularly replaced with lubricating oil and maintained, and the vibrating device should be dismantled, cleaned and oil changed at least once within half a year;
  7. Electrical control cabinets and electrical control parts should be protected from moisture, sunscreen and dust;
  8. Check the size of the bottom plate, those who are unqualified are not allowed to use it, so as to avoid jamming and damaging the machine.

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