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Six system performance of foundry equipment

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  • 1. Vacuum stabilized flow rate is good, low negative pressure and large flow rate, the negative pressure degree is required to be 0.04 high and not more than 0.05. The surge tank cannot be small, and the position of the square is also very important. The service life of the pump air and cleanliness is high
  • 2. The stretch of the composite film should be fast, and it should be thin and not broken to be high. It depends on how much the casting needs to stretch, whether the product is cast steel or cast iron, or other materials. The film should be thin during casting, and the thinner the film is not broken, the better.
  • 3. The quality of the paint is good, even the thickness is even, and the paint needs to be baked.
  • 4. The sand box has a firm structure, and the steel mesh is breathable and impermeable to sand
  • 5. Three-dimensional vibration is good, and the negative pressure of pouring is not high
  • 6. V-method molding sand is handled well. The molding sand is too fine and difficult to handle. The fine sand and dust are large. The dust collector is selected to be environmentally friendly. The dust collector should not be too large, large in size, and large in size, and the power consumption will be large.

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