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What are the common faults of four-column hydraulic press

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The four-column Hydraulic Press greatly improves the production efficiency, but because many parts of the hydraulic press are more precise, they are often easily damaged. Therefore, how to prevent and maintain is a very important matter for operators.

So what are the common failures of the four-column hydraulic press, and how to solve these failures? Let’s take a look.

1, hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is more sophisticated. Generally speaking, the hydraulic system is often affected by pollution, overheating and air ingress and failure. Therefore, the factory building must be clean, and dust-removing work must be done to prevent pollutants from entering the working fluid. At the same time, work must be done to cool the machine and prevent air from entering.

2, oil storage barrel

The working oil of four-column hydraulic machine is still relatively frequent, so it is necessary to do a good job of storage and transfer of working oil. For example, oil barrels should be covered with special signs, especially in winter, to prevent the air in the barrel from condensing into water and mixing into the oil, do a good job of antifreeze heating and heat preservation, or switch to low-viscosity working oil. It would be best if you could provide a room temperature workshop.

3, motor

The four-column hydraulic machine motor end face clearance, radial clearance, etc. are too large, the oil viscosity is too low, the matching parts are severely worn, and the bypass is formed, and the oil is easy to leak. The rotation speed of the hydraulic motor should meet the specified requirements, repair the matching clearance of the hydraulic motor, repair the overflow valve and other components, and restore the oil supply pressure to normal.

4, button failure

For a four-column hydraulic press, one of the more common conditions is the failure of the button. For example, there is no response when pressing the down or up button, or the machine moves, but the power is obviously insufficient. For such a situation, it is generally the position of the three-position four-way solenoid valve core is incorrect, or there is a problem with the electrical control part, and the position of the switch failure adjustment is different.

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