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Installation method of sequence valve of four-column hydraulic press

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Analysis of the installation method of the sequence valve of the four-column hydraulic press.

  • 1. The sequence valve is generally leaked, so the unloading port must be connected to the fuel tank, and the back pressure of the unloading road cannot be too high, so it does not affect the normal operation of the valve.
  • 2. According to the decision procedure of the specific requirements of the internal tube bundle sequence valve, the hydraulic pressure of the valve tube bundle is trivial, and a reliable shut-off and shut-off valve that contains false pressure oil should be supplied.
  • 3. The opening and the nature of the bad sequence valve, usually when the flow is large, once the pressure is too high, which reduces the system performance
  • 4. Decide that the opening pressure of the standard valve should not be excessive, otherwise it will cause the leakage of the negative actuator
  • 5. The flow through the sequence valve should not exceed the special flow too much, otherwise there will be vibration or other non-tough conditions.
  • 6. The sequence valve is a multi-threaded connection, and the installation position should be convenient for manipulation and guarding
  • 7. In the use of one-way standard valves, air tightness must be ensured and no internal leakage occurs. We can ensure our unique hydraulic cylinders
  • 8. The press valve is used as an unloading valve. It should be stabilized that the task pressure of the tested components is regulated by the unloading valve’s adjusting screw to adjust the pressure healing spring, which will allow trivial use of pressure so that the difference should be affected by the income.

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