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The safe operation process of 100T four-column hydraulic press

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For operators, safe operation is more important than anything else, and life safety is very important. What are the safe operating procedures of the 100T four-column Hydraulic Press?

Things you should pay attention to before operation

Check the machine tool to see if the various parts are secure, whether there are obstacles in each part of the machine, whether the oil volume of the machine’s hydraulic oil storage tank is full, whether the oil quality is sufficient, whether the safety protection device during construction is complete, Whether the circuit link of the machine is in good condition.

Before the machine is running, be sure to wipe the exposed parts of the running rail and the cylinder piston and apply new oil to them. At the same time, add oil according to the lubrication regulations.

When working, you must remember to clear the space on the head and the debris in the space.

After the machine has been running for 4 to 5 minutes, it is necessary to check whether the various operating parts, switches, and limit devices are flexible, and confirm that the hydraulic system pressure is normal and the working beam moves flexibly before starting to work.

Things to pay attention to when operating

After the operation, place the pressed object in the middle of the working surface of the machine and the main shaft concentric place, lay the object flat, and fasten it firmly against each part.

In the process of work, do not use to support the pressed things so as not to hurt your hands.

The indenter should approach the work piece slowly to avoid the work piece being forced to burst and hurt the operator.

In order to avoid unnecessary economic losses and human injuries, it is hoped that every large machine operator can use the machine correctly and operate according to the correct operating steps.

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