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What are the advantages of servo hydraulic press

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Servo driven Hydraulic Press (hereinafter referred to as servo hydraulic press, servo hydraulic press) is an energy-saving and efficient hydraulic press that uses servo motor to drive the main transmission oil pump, reduce the control valve circuit and control the sliding block of the hydraulic press. It is suitable for stamping, die forging, press fitting, straightening and other processes.

What are the advantages of servo hydraulic press?

1. Energy saving

Compared with ordinary hydraulic press, the overall control of the system does not include proportional servo valve or proportional pump. The service driven hydraulic press has the advantages of energy saving, low noise, small temperature rise, good flexibility, high efficiency and convenient maintenance. It can replace most existing ordinary hydraulic presses and has a wide market prospect. Compared with the traditional hydraulic press, the energy-saving effect is remarkable. According to the different processing technology and production beat, the servo driven hydraulic press can save 30% ~ 70% electricity compared with the traditional hydraulic press.

2. Low noise

Servo driven hydraulic oil pump generally adopts internal gear pump or high-performance vane pump. Traditional hydraulic press generally adopts axial piston pump. Under the same flow and pressure, the noise of internal gear pump or vane pump is 5dB ~ 10dB lower than that of axial piston pump. When the servo driven hydraulic press is pressed and returned, the motor runs at the rated speed, and its noise emission is 5dB ~ 10dB lower than that of the traditional hydraulic press. When the slider drops rapidly and the slider is stationary, the speed of the servo motor is 0, so the servo driven hydraulic press basically has no noise emission. In the pressure maintaining stage, because the motor speed is very low, the noise of servo driven hydraulic press is generally less than 70dB, while the noise of traditional hydraulic press is 83db ~ 90dB.

3. High efficiency

Through proper acceleration and deceleration control and energy optimization, the speed of servo controlled hydraulic press can be greatly improved, and the working beat can be several times higher than that of traditional hydraulic press, which can reach 10 / min ~ 15 / min.

4. High degree of automation, good flexibility and high precision

The pressure, speed and position of servo driven hydraulic press are fully closed-loop digital control, with high degree of automation and good precision. In addition, its pressure and speed can be programmed to meet various process needs, and remote automatic control can also be realized.

5. Less heating and cost reduction

Because the hydraulic system of the servo driven hydraulic press has no overflow heating and no flow when the slider is stationary, there is no hydraulic resistance heating. The calorific value of the hydraulic system is generally 10% ~ 30% of that of the traditional hydraulic press. Due to the low heating capacity of the system, most servo driven hydraulic presses can not be equipped with hydraulic oil cooling system, and some with large heating capacity can be equipped with low-power cooling system. Due to the characteristics of zero speed and low heating of the pump most of the time, the oil tank of the servo control hydraulic press can be smaller than that of the traditional hydraulic press, and the oil change time can also be extended. Therefore, the hydraulic oil consumed by the servo drive hydraulic press is generally only about 50% of that of the traditional hydraulic press.

6. Convenient maintenance

Because the proportional servo hydraulic valve, speed regulating circuit and pressure regulating circuit in the hydraulic system are cancelled, the hydraulic system is greatly simplified. The cleanliness requirement of hydraulic oil is far less than that of hydraulic proportional servo system, which reduces the impact of hydraulic oil pollution on the system.

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