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What are the accessories of the gantry hydraulic machine

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What are the accessories of the gantry hydraulic machine:

In the Hydraulic Press, in addition to the main components, there are many accessories, such as seals, accumulators, fuel tanks, tubing, oil filters, coolers, etc., all belong to the accessories, although they only play an auxiliary effect, they must be paid attention to. If you don’t pay attention to the selection of auxiliary accessories, it will have serious consequences for the use of hydraulic presses.

The seals have the effect of reducing system leakage on the hydraulic press, directly affecting the overall function and operating efficiency. The hydraulic seals mainly include fixed seals, gap seals and movable seals; the accumulator is used in the hydraulic system for storage and release For the pressure vessel, select the appropriate accumulator according to the function of the hydraulic machine; the oil tank is well understood. It is used to store hydraulic oil, assist the hydraulic oil to dissipate heat, and deposit impurities. The oil tank of a hydraulic machine can be divided into open type, barrier type and There are three types of pressure tanks; the tubing links hydraulic components and transmission oil. There are three types of tubing materials, metal raw materials, rubber raw materials and nylon raw materials; the oil filter filters out insoluble contaminated impurities from the flowing hydraulic oil, and The standard of oil filter is selected according to the nature of the hydraulic press system and the operating pressure; the cooler and heater insist that the operating medium of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press is within a certain range, so that it can operate normally.

The operator of the hydraulic press must be trained and qualified before they can operate independently; the working environment must be cleaned up before each operation, and all kinds of debris and dirt should not be let go; the hydraulic press can only install the Mold when the power is off. Stop it at this moment Touch the start switch, install the upper and lower molds to center and adjust the gap, do not allow to deviate from the center, and then try the pressure after fixing the mold; after starting, let it run idly for a few minutes to check whether there is leakage of pipes, joints and pistons, and whether they are satisfied Whether the pressure of the hydraulic fluid and the pressure meet the requirements, after adjusting the pressure, it is best to test a workpiece first, and then mass-produce it after the inspection is qualified; different hydraulic presses and workpieces, press-fitting correction should be adjusted at any time to adjust the operating pressure, the number of pressures and pressure holdings At the same time, try not to damage the mold and the workpiece.

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