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The key points of safe operation and maintenance of CNC machine tools

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In the process of repairing machine tools, there are many unsafe factors. If you do not prepare and clean up in time, there may be casualties, such as mechanical strangulation, electric shock, falling from high altitude, and object hitting. In the process of repairing machine tools and equipment (for example: piercing machine, middle wire, wire cutting machine, grinder, machining center, etc.), repair personnel only need to strictly implement safety, technical operation standards and related operating standards to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment In terms of production safety, Longkai Technology also learns more about the sharing of Mr. Liu Shengyong’s experience. Thank you again and share it with us here. I hope that we will go to work happily and return home safely.
First of all, repair the key safety points that fitters need to grasp and pay attention to:
1. Safety operation requirements for maintenance
1) Maintenance personnel must wear labor protection equipment, wear safety belts when working at heights, and signs at risky workplaces.
①Works in confined spaces can only be carried out after the written permission of the person in charge of the equipment and the safety personnel is obtained.
②Hazardous object detection should be carried out after air ventilation, before entering the container, tower tank and other spaces for work.
③The safety valves of containers and equipment with a certain pressure shall be tested and listed on a regular basis.
④ When working in dark places such as trenches and troughs, use hand-held lamps below AC 36V for lighting.
⑤ The shutdown and power transmission of the maintenance equipment should be taken care of by a special person to prevent private lines from connecting to the power cord. The power supply of the maintenance equipment should be completely blocked and a power failure sign should be displayed.
2) During maintenance, the objects and the removed parts should be placed in the specified position in an orderly manner to avoid parts loss or damage; heavy/long workpieces and objects cannot stand against walls or equipment.

3) During interspersed operations, it is not allowed to throw objects from a high place to a low place at will to avoid hurting people or breaking the equipment.
4) Before the earth work, it is necessary to find out the underground situation and confirm that there are no cables and underground pipelines before excavation.
5) Prevent the use of gasoline, diesel, kerosene to scrub parts, clothing and land. When you have to use gasoline to scrub parts, it is necessary to prevent open flames and prepare fire prevention methods.
An important physical property of gasoline is that it is very easy to vaporize and evaporate. The higher the ambient temperature, the faster the transpiration rate. When the temperature reaches the boiling point, gasoline will quickly vaporize. Gasoline has a low flash point and low explosive off-line, so it is easy to burn and explode. The incidents of burning people and equipment with gasoline wiping machines and washing parts are not uncommon in the past.
6) No people are allowed on the top of the crane to lift heavy objects, and no one is allowed to walk under the boom. The wire rope should be tied firmly and tied to the center of gravity of the workpiece to prevent inclined pulling, partial hoisting and overloading of the crane.
7) When using electric hoist for hoisting operations, the hoisting port must be guarded by someone to prevent pedestrians from passing.
8) When using the manual hoist for hoisting operations, the lifting chain requires the heavy objects to be hung vertically, and there must be no twists between the individual links of the chain. When pulling the bracelet, do not pull it diagonally. When pulling, it is necessary to use force and stability to avoid jumping the chain. When it is found that it is difficult to pull, you must check the cause in time, do not deadlift, let alone add force, and avoid pulling the chain or pin. The lifting height shall not exceed the standard value to prevent the chain from breaking the chain and causing an accident.
9) The parts that are not easy to load and unload are not allowed to be hard. Use jacks, melon seeds, heating, oil immersion and other methods. When heating with fire, keep 5M away from flammable materials.
outside. When using the jack, it must be flattened and cushioned according to the operating rules.
techy’s equipment
10) When using a tripod to work, it is necessary to maintain a relative distance between the tripods, and use a rope to connect between the two feet. When the rope is on the ground, pay attention to avoid tripping the operator.
11) When using the grinding wheel, check the grinding wheel carefully before starting. If there is damage or cracks, stop using it. During use, the distance between the grinding wheel and the workpiece carrier should be less than 1/2 of the minimum size of the work being ground, and the maximum is not allowed to exceed 3MMM. It is necessary to tighten after adjustment. For the grinding wheel with the outer surface of the circumference as the working surface, it is not advisable to use the side surface for grinding to avoid the grinding wheel from breaking.
12) When entering the equipment to work, it is necessary to leave a person outside the equipment for supervision, and it is not allowed to enter alone. New interns, apprentices and foreign training personnel must be led by old workers who understand the equipment before they are allowed to enter.
13) The fire-fighting facilities in the factory area shall not be used at will without the approval of the leaders, and the fire-fighting channels shall be strictly protected and no debris shall be accumulated at will.
2. Patch safety precautions
1) Prevent the bolts and other accessories from loosening or tightening the pressure part during transportation.
2) During the working process of the equipment, do not wipe or repair its rotating parts.
3) During the working process of the equipment, the operator should always check the working conditions, and immediately stop the machine when it finds an abnormality.
4) The equipment can be repaired only after the power supply is blocked and the “prevent closing” sign is hung.
5) When repairing the equipment, strictly abide by the fitter’s safety operation regulations.
6) The disassembly and assembly of parts and components shall be carried out according to the order, and professional equipment shall be used as much as possible.
7) The disassembly and assembly of parts should avoid hard percussion to avoid damage to the cooperation surface.
8) The safety precautions for test machine are as follows
①Starting and stopping should be operated by the operator of the machine tool.
② If abnormal conditions are found during the test, the machine should be shut down immediately and the machine should be tried again after handling.

techy’s equipment

3. Precautions for maintenance of hot fire
1) The pipelines and equipment that will be hot must be repaired with blind plates to block the pipelines and equipment that communicate with them. Clean up the dust from the clean materials and check that it is qualified before starting the fire.
2) According to the requirements, the fire-using unit shall fill in the hot-fire ticket according to the actual situation and request the hot-fire according to the level, and report to the security for full approval.
3) After the safety personnel have checked on the spot and signed and approved, the guardian of the fire-using unit shall be responsible for the implementation of various safety methods and operate according to the requirements of the fire ticket.
① After the constructor implements item by item in accordance with the approved method, the guardian can only get involved in the scene.
②In the process of hot fire, if an abnormality is found, the fire should be stopped immediately. If the guardian is not present or someone forcibly instructs the fire, the firer has the right to refuse.
③During the welding process, there is water on the ground, and the welding wire must be suspended from the ground.
④ Sparks should be avoided when using fire at high altitude, and a cordon should be set up below. No high-altitude fire is allowed if wind is above grade five.
⑤Before the repair is completed or after get off work, the constructor should conduct a detailed inspection, and no residual fire should be left, and the re-ignition should be eliminated.
I have to say that some subtle tasks that are not paid attention to or overlooked may be the risk of major incidents. How to eradicate these safety elements requires the front-line operators to treat them seriously. You must not be careless, careless, or perhaps your negligence. , Is once irresponsible to yourself and everyone.

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