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The key points of safe operation and maintenance of CNC machine tools

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In terms of safety production, the technology also draws more on the experience of Mr. Liu Shengyong. Thanks again, I want to share with you. I hope everyone is happy to go to work and return home safely.

First of all, maintenance workers need to master and pay attention to the safety points:

1. Maintain safety requirements

1 Maintenance personnel must wear labor protection products, wear safety belts when working at high places, and register in dangerous workplaces.

1 Restricted space operations can only be carried out with the written permission of the equipment and security personnel.

2 After ventilation, hazardous objects should be tested before entering spaces such as containers or towers.

3 The safety valves of containers and equipment with a certain pressure should be tested and listed regularly.

4Work in dark places, such as trenches and troughs, and use AC 36V or lower hand-held lights to illuminate.

5 Maintenance equipment should be stopped by special personnel. Unauthorized use of the power cord is strictly prohibited. The power supply of the equipment to be repaired should be completely cut off, and the power indicator should be hung up.

2 When repairing, the tools and the removed parts should be placed in the designated position to avoid losing or damaging the parts; heavy/long workpieces and tools cannot be leaned against the wall or equipment.

3 When traversing work, do not allow the parabola to move from high to low to avoid injury or damage to the equipment.

4 Before starting the earthwork, it is necessary to find out the underground situation and make sure that there are no cables and underground pipes before excavation.

5 It is strictly forbidden to use gasoline, diesel and kerosene to scrub parts, clothes and land.

When you must use gasoline to scrub parts, open flames must be prohibited and fire prevention measures must be taken.

Gasoline has important physical properties and is easy to evaporate and volatilize.

The higher the ambient temperature, the faster the volatilization rate.

When the temperature reaches the boiling point, gasoline will quickly evaporate.

Gasoline has a low flash point and low explosion line, so it is very easy to burn and explode.

In the past, it was not uncommon to use gasoline to clean machines, burn down personnel who burned parts, and burn down equipment.

6 The crane is not allowed to carry the upper objects of the crane, and no one is allowed to move under the lifting arm.

The wire rope should be fixed and tied to the center of gravity of the workpiece. It is forbidden to use the crane for diagonal pull, eccentric crane and overload.

7 When using electric hoist for hoisting work, the hoisting mouth should be protected by pedestrians, and pedestrians are prohibited from passing.

8 When using manual lifting operation, the lifting chain needs to hang heavy objects vertically, and the chain links must not be twisted.

When pulling the bracelet, do not pull it diagonally.

When pulling, force must be used to stabilize, so as not to jump the chain.

When it is found that it is difficult to pull, it is necessary to check the reason in time, do not pull hard, do not increase the force, so as not to damage the chain.

Or pins.

The lifting height must not exceed the standard value to prevent the chain from breaking and causing accidents.

9 The components are difficult to operate and are not allowed to be difficult to use. Jacks, seeds, heating, oil immersion, etc. should be used. When heating the distance 5M with fire.

When using the jack, it should be leveled and stabilized according to the operating procedures.

10 When using a tripod, the three legs must keep a relative distance, and the rope should be used for contact between the two legs. When touching the rope to the ground, care should be taken to prevent workers from tripping.

11 When using the grinding wheel, please check the grinding wheel carefully before starting. If it is damaged or cracked, it is forbidden to use it.

During use, the distance between the grinding wheel and the workpiece carrier should be less than 1/2 of the minimum size of the workpiece to be ground. The maximum value must not exceed 3MMM. It must be tightened after adjustment.

For the grinding wheel with the circumferential surface as the working surface, it is not recommended to use the side surface for grinding to avoid the grinding wheel breakage.

12 When entering the internal work of the equipment, people must be left outside the equipment for monitoring. Individual entry is not allowed.

New interns, apprentices and foreign agents must be led by veteran workers familiar with the equipment to enter.

13 Without approval, the fire-fighting facilities in the factory area shall not freely use the leader’s fire-fighting passage, and shall be strictly protected, and shall not pile up garbage randomly.

2. Maintenance safety precautions

1 It is strictly forbidden to loosen or tighten the bolts and other accessories in the pressurized parts during transportation.

2 Do not wipe or repair the rotating parts of the equipment during operation.

3 During the operation of the equipment, the operator should always check the operation status and stop immediately if an abnormality is found.

4 The equipment can be repaired only after the power is turned off and the sign prohibiting shutting down is hung.

5 When repairing the equipment, the safety regulations of the installer should be strictly followed.

6 The parts are disassembled and assembled in order, using professional tools as much as possible.

7 The parts should be disassembled and assembled to avoid hard knocks and damage to the mating surface.

8 The safety precautions of the testing machine are as follows

1 Start and stop should be operated by the machine operator.

2 If an abnormal condition is found to test the machine, stop it immediately and test the machine after processing.

3. Maintenance and fire protection measures

1 The pipes and equipment to be ignited must be repaired with blind plates and the pipes and equipment connected to it must be cut off.

Clean up the dust on the material and check it before launch.

2 According to the needs, the fire fighting unit should fill in the fire ticket according to the actual situation, apply for the fire and report to the safety department for approval.

3 After the safety personnel check on the spot and sign and approve, the guardian of the fire brigade shall be responsible for the implementation of various safety measures and follow the requirements of the fire ticket.

1 After the construction personnel implement the approval measures one by one, the guardian may catch fire.

2 During the fire, if an abnormality is found, cease the fire immediately.

If the guardian is not present or someone ignites the fire, the firefighters have the right to refuse.

3 During the welding process, there is water on the ground, and the welding wire must be hung from the ground.

4 Avoid sparks splashing in high-altitude fires, and set up a warning line below.

With more than five winds, fires are not allowed in high-altitude areas.

5 Before the completion of the maintenance or before leaving get off work, the construction personnel shall conduct a detailed inspection and shall not leave any residual fire.

I have to say that some small things, not paying attention or ignoring them, may be hidden dangers of major accidents. How to eliminate these safety factors needs to be taken seriously by front-line operators. It must not be rash, careless, maybe your negligence I am irresponsible to myself and everyone.

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