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2013-10-08 10:40 Stone carving industry to flourish

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2013-10-08 10:40Stone carving industry to flourish

In recent years, the rapid development of stone industry , as the stone processing stone carving and stone handicraft industry is to increase the value-added products and expand exports an important part of one , has also been booming , and showed the trend of growth in recent years , and its export growth rate higher than other stone products , including stone carvings export volume accounted for stone products is basically about one third of total exports , but also an upward trend , the export of stone products has become an important aspect of stone products have been exported to over 50 countries and regions.

Stone carving and stone processing flourish, directly contributing to the stone engraving machine development and technological progress , stone engraving machine is a very high demands on the expertise of professional CNC machinery and equipment , which consists of mechanical engraving machine bed , electrical circuitry the system control card , control software, programming design software , each part of a small one can not, with the rapid development of digital technology , driven more new stone engraving machine engraving machine such as bulls advent of automatic tool change , compared to the original some of these single-head engraving machine engraving machine high-end more professional, whether it is in the engraving process when processing speed or processing technology is far superior to single-head engraving machine. In addition, these new engraving machine significantly increase the degree of automation in the era of rapid growth in labor costs is particularly important, it has also become impressed many buyers of the important reasons . Former clients in the choice of stone engraving machine, mostly from simple hollow cut, embossed , alignment and other considerations , but in actual use and production still requires more manual operation, the relative degree of automation is not high for a long time , the domestic market demand for stone engraving machine engraving machine is mostly dominated the low-end , and for high-end products less involved . And now, with a lot of investment into the production client engraving scale, simple engraving machine has been unable to meet their growing demand for orders , process changes , purchasing a new engraving machine become a trend.
Jinan River CNC production of high-end stone engraving machine has a high precision, cutting intensity , durable, automatic tool change , high efficiency many advantages, and easy to operate , good product quality and stable performance.

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