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How to improve the cleaning efficiency of hot water pressure washer

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The cleaning efficiency of a hot water high-pressure cleaner is not only related to the density and speed of the high-pressure water jet, but also to the nominal distance between the jet and the object (target distance). This is because the speed and structure of the high-pressure water jet change with its jet distance. The force of the attacking object also changes with the target distance. How to improve high-pressure water cleaning.

Hot water high-pressure cleaner is a new type of high-pressure cleaning equipment that has been developed rapidly in recent years. It has a wide range of uses and surpasses all industrial cleaning fields. Especially in the environment where China’s requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent, the hot water high-pressure water cleaning machine, an environmentally friendly cleaning equipment with zero pollution emissions, has increasingly received the favor of major enterprises.

What is the cleaning efficiency of the hot water high-pressure water cleaning machine? Here is a summary for everyone.

The important effect of the hot water high-pressure cleaner to clean objects is the impact caused by the kinetic energy carried by the high-pressure water jet jet. The farther away from the nozzle, the smaller the kinetic energy of the jet. However, temporary experiments have confirmed that when cleaning with a direct jet nozzle, the cleaning effect will be better. The cleaning efficiency of the washing machine? Under normal circumstances, we would think that the effect of cleaning mainly depends on the impact of the water jet, and secondly, it is related to the presence of gas in the water. When the pressure in the nozzle drops sharply, the gas in the water will cause cavitations, and at the same time, the external gas will be entrained during the spraying process. When the jet hits the cleaning object, the pressure changes sharply, and the gas or steam cavitation caused by the jet is quickly collapsed. The cavitation effect caused by the resulting micro-jet can lift off the cleaning consequences of the water jet. There are five important aspects that affect the cleaning efficiency of a high-pressure water washer. They are the adequate use of pressure and flow, the efficient conversion of pressure energy to speed energy, the optimized design of the nozzle, and the impact on the target.

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