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2013-10-13 10:27 Stone engraving machine wide range of applications

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2013-10-13 10:27Stone engraving machine wide range of applications

As we all know , stone engraving machine in modern society relatively wide range of applications , both in a variety of wood , aluminum , PVC, acrylic, crystal and other non-metallic materials to do relief, lettering , cutting , but also in the hard marble, bluestone , granite and other stone to do relief, alignment, edge down, lettering and other processing , very suitable for tombstone , foundation stone sculpture, architectural decoration, square stone engravings , figures dimensional sculpture , advertising and other industries. And with the development of the industry and technological advances , a simple engraving machine can no longer meet the needs of society , as well as changes in process technology, the rapid development of numerical control , prompting more new stone engraving machine, engraving machine long automatic tool change , etc. high-end engraving machine appears.

With the increasingly wide range of applications , stone engraving machine more broad market prospects , especially in recent years, more and more domestic cities to enter the ranks of the construction of subway , urban infrastructure construction in full swing , these infrastructure facilities construction will inevitably bring architectural decoration industry’s rapid development , tile foot , decorative stone engraving machine products can not be separated , and the real estate market continued to hit, but also increased the stone engraving machine expansion market confidence. Next, with a large number of infrastructure projects under construction and real estate industry to pick up , I believe that the stone engraving machine promising, will gradually enter the sales season.
Jinan River CNC as the industry ‘s leading and largest manufacturers engraving machine production and sales , research and production of a variety of advanced stone engraving machine , the company has continuously increased marketing efforts , firmly grasp the pulse of the industry , and actively expand the market stone engraving machine and achieved fruitful results , the company products have broad market prospects .

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