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The competitive effect of domestic electronic stamping parts factories

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Numerous electronic stamping parts factories have been pursuing continuous innovation in technology. The emergence of more and more electronic stamping parts production enterprises has made the electronic stamping parts market more and more people’s attention, which will also increase the accelerated competition between market enterprises. But this is no lack of merit. As more competition brings, there may be more technical improvements and optimization of the entire industry. The punching process of electronic stamping parts has a very good processability of round holes. Regarding a few electronic stamping parts that are not suitable for pattern positioning and can be added with process holes in advance, these are all considered from the production process of electronic stamping parts, from electronic stamping The basic consideration of the parts is to set the edges and layout of the blank parts. In an environment that meets the technical requirements, although the application of very small allowable values ​​is used, the material utilization rate can be improved.

The electronic stamping parts produced in the electronic stamping parts factory can be obtained from the material during the later stage of forming, that is, when the parts are formed, and increase the bulging component to make the forming more symmetrical and not prone to wrinkles. After forming, the electronic stamping parts will be thinner, but Subsequent removal, but this will increase the cost of the material. Manufacturability is actually considered from the perspectives of cost-effectiveness, productivity, and applicability. For example, in the cutting of electronic stamping parts, sharp corners and rounded corners are removed in unnecessary environments to reduce the possibility of abrasion and chipping of convex and concave molds. Performance, and has an effect on the subsequent coating.

The production quality requirements of stamping parts in electronic stamping parts factories are very strict. Therefore, we must strictly control the style and size of stamping parts:

1. Requirements for winding parts

  • (1) The style of the meander should be symmetrical, and the meander radius should not be smaller than the very small meander radius allowed by the material.
  • (2) The curved side is too short to be easily formed, so the flat surface of the curved side should be made H>2δ. If H is required to be very short, you need to leave a proper margin to increase H, and then cut off the increased metal after bending.
  • (3) When winding the parts with holes, in order to avoid the deformation of the holes.

2. Requirements for deep-drawn parts:

  • (1) The shape of the drawn part should be simple and symmetrical, and the depth should not be too large. In order to make the number of drawing is very small, easy to form.
  • (2) The fillet radius of the deep-drawn part is in an environment that does not increase the process procedure. Otherwise, it will inevitably increase the number of deep drawing and plastic work, but also increase the number of molds, and it is easy to generate garbage and improve the cost.

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