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Aluminum Stamping And Forming Process Of All-Automotive Body

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Audi Audi R8 uses an all-aluminum body design. The high-performance composite material of the R8 body is called Audi Space Frame (AFS). Its total weight is only 210 kg, which is less than half the weight of a steel frame, but its strength and impact resistance are very good. outstanding. Of the entire body composition, 70% is aluminum alloy and 13% is reinforced carbon fiber (CFRP). In Audi’s own words: “Put the right material in the right place in the right quantity”.

Tesla Model S (parameters | pictures) 97% of the body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, and the cost of a roll of aluminum is 30,000 US dollars. To build the whole car requires 50-60 different aluminum coils, all aluminum alloy body The weight is only 190kg.

The Schuler SMG hydraulic tandem stamping press lines used by TESLA is the largest in North America and the sixth largest in the world, with a total tonnage of 11,000 tons. A piece of aluminum stamping is produced every 6 seconds and can be produced every day Out of 5,000 pieces.

Jaguar Jaguar’s first domestic all-aluminum body workshop was completed and put into production at the Changshu plant of (Chery Jaguar Land Rover). The new long-wheelbase version of XF (parameters | pictures) will be launched in the second half of this year. The application rate of the new version of XF aluminum alloy is as high as 75%, ranking first among domestic counterparts.

It is understood that Jaguar’s new factory in Changshu uses the world’s fastest 5-sequence servo press line (3 seconds/piece, High-speed servo press line) and the world’s fastest mechanical press line (4 seconds/piece), which can be used freely in steel and aluminum. Seamless switching between materials, 75% of the Mold can be used for servo high-speed stamping lines can also be used for mechanical stamping lines.

Servo stamping production line may become pivotal in future all-aluminum body stamping solutions!

The aluminum (stamping) forming process, as the first major process of an all-aluminum body car, will also undergo a process of technological innovation. Hydraulic forming, servo forming or cast aluminum extrusion forming, which solution can finally achieve a balance in production capacity, quality, and cost, may become the mainstream of aluminum (stamping) forming process. Let us wait and see!

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