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Installation and commissioning of four column hydraulic press

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For regular manufacturers, the Hydraulic Press should be tested after production, that is, the installation and commissioning in the early stage of delivery. So, how is the hydraulic press installed and debugged before delivery?

For the installation of hydraulic press in the first stage, the installation foundation shall be prepared in advance before the installation of hydraulic press, and the concrete foundation is generally adopted. The hydraulic machine body is fixed with bolts, so bolt holes should be reserved when making concrete foundation, and then poured and fixed after the installation of hydraulic press. The installation of other components of the hydraulic press shall refer to the component assembly drawing and be installed according to the coordination requirements given in the drawing.

The second stage is the commissioning of the hydraulic press. After all installation work of the hydraulic press is completed, the on-site commissioning must be carried out. Press the start button to see if the hydraulic press can complete the actions under various working conditions in sequence. During commissioning, check whether the hydraulic press hardware or control system works normally by watching and listening. In addition, check whether all control buttons and pressure gauges can work normally. After commissioning for a period of time, if it runs normally, the hydraulic press can be officially delivered for use.

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