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How to carry out the lubrication and maintenance work of the hydraulic press

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Hydraulic presses are used in many industries. The Hydraulic Press uses special hydraulic oil as the working medium and the hydraulic pump as the power source. The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder/piston through the hydraulic pipeline by the force of the pump, and the various components are closely coordinated. The seals at different positions are different, but they all play a sealing role. So how to perform maintenance when operating a hydraulic press?

Hydraulic machine maintenance system

  • 1. Carry out lubrication maintenance according to the lubrication requirements of the machine.
  • 2. After the machine tool works for one year, the hydraulic oil should be discharged from the bed oil tank to clean the oil tank, and the filtered hydraulic oil should be refilled. The oil volume should be determined at the height of 3/4 of the oil standard.
  • 3. The oil filter net on the oil suction pipe must be cleaned or washed regularly.
  • 5. Regularly check whether the handles, knobs, and buttons are damaged.
  • 5. The motor must be kept clean, and the air inlet net cover of the motor must be kept in a good ventilated state and not blocked.
  • 6, 10 minutes before leaving get off work every day, lubricate and scrub the machine tool.
  • 7. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to operate the equipment, and people must leave the machine to stop at ordinary times.

The place where the hydraulic press is prone to failure

Oil pump: The plunger, sliding shoe, and return plate are worn out, and internal leakage is serious, resulting in a low rise in system pressure. Control valve group: The control valve is the main component of the system pressure, and it will definitely affect the system pressure when a fault occurs. Such as spring deformation, cone valve wear, valve jam, etc. Cylinder: The cylinder is the executive element of the hydraulic machine. If the seals in the cylinder are damaged, internal leakage will occur or the pressure of the series cavity system will not rise high, which will seriously cause the cylinder to be damaged and unable to work.

Filling valve: The filling valve leaks, the oil in the upper cavity of the master cylinder flows back to the filling tank, and the upper cavity of the master cylinder cannot build pressure.

In view of the working principle of the hydraulic press and the components that are prone to failure, it is recommended to use a special hydraulic oil filtering and purification equipment to periodically filter and purify the lubricating hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press to ensure the normal lubrication requirements of the hydraulic press to achieve reduction The frequency of equipment failures and the effect of prolonging the service life of hydraulic presses.

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