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Features of CNC machine tool spindle system and main drive

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The cnc machine tool spindle system is the main motion transmission system of the cnc machine tool. The spindle movement of the CNC machine tool is one of the machine tool forming movements. Its accuracy determines the machining accuracy of the parts. CNC machine tools are highly efficient machine tools.
1. The characteristics of the main drive of CNC machine tools

1. With high speed and high power, it can make CNC machine tools memorize high-power cutting and high-speed cutting, and realize high-efficiency machining

2. The exclusive change of the spindle is fast and reliable, and can automatically and continuously variable speed, so that the cutting work is always carried out in the best condition.

3. In order to realize fast or automatic loading and unloading of tools, the spindle Shanghai must be designed with automatic tool loading and unloading, spindle orientation stop and chip removal device in the spindle hole.


2. Spindle parts

The spindle part of the machine tool is one of the important parts of the machine tool. It drives the workpiece or tool to perform the cutting motion of the machine tool. Therefore, the accuracy, shock resistance and thermal deformation of the CNC machine tool spindle component have a direct impact on the machining quality.


These effects are even more serious because the CNC machine tools do not perform manual adjustments in the processing engineering.

EL series CNC lathes can perform rough and fine machining of mechanical parts, with reliable structure, convenient operation, economical and practical, complete control system functions and high reliability. It is suitable for high-efficiency and large-volume turning processing of inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, cones, threads, drilling, reaming and curved revolving bodies of shaft and disc parts.

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