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CNC cutting is an interdisciplinary comprehensive application industry

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In the eyes of many people, the clothing industry is a low-tech labor-intensive industry, but in fact it is not the case. This industry has an inseparable relationship with technological development. From the production of apparel fabrics to apparel design, production, logistics, and terminal sales, the support of science and technology is indispensable in any link.
At present, high-tech functional fabrics have been widely used in all kinds of clothing, especially in the field of sports and leisure clothing. In fact, outdoor sports and leisure brands use technological fabrics and environmentally friendly fabrics. This has become another new trend, such as the use of organic cotton and the use of recycled materials to make fleece jackets, skis or outdoor jackets. The fabric made with the latest nanotechnology can make the clothes splash-proof and wrinkle-resistant, reducing the frequency of washing. There are many sustainable innovations around the world. Not only can milk be used to make textiles, but also seaweed can be used to make textiles to produce T-shirts and other sports and leisure products.
Under the guidance of this trend, many domestic fabric companies and sports and leisure companies have consciously taken action to promote the development and use of high-tech functional fabrics.
CNC cutting is an interdisciplinary comprehensive application industry. CNC cutting technology covers computer software, industrial automation, electrical engineering, mechatronics engineering, mechanical design, industrial design and other multidisciplinary knowledge. To master the advanced CNC cutting production technology requires long-term technical accumulation of enterprises, as well as continuous and large amounts of capital investment. In addition, the core technology of CNC automatic cutting machine represented by control technology is only mastered by a few manufacturers, and it is difficult to imitate it.
With the further improvement of technical strength and the gradual improvement of sales and after-sales networks, Heying will maintain a rapid growth trend in the next few years. Through continuous process improvement and technological innovation, Heying continuously improves product quality, enriches product structure, and promotes the industrial upgrading of related downstream industries such as clothing, luggage, shoes and hats, furniture, automotive interiors, aerospace, packaging materials, and so on. Through a complete global marketing service network system, the quality of customer service is improved, and it is determined to become the world’s leading provider of comprehensive solutions for clothing digital equipment.
At present, the cutting machine manufactured by enterprises in our country has a cam at the end of the motor spindle, and a connecting rod on the cam eccentric shaft. When the motor rotates, the connecting rod drags the slider to make the blade fixed on the slider move back and forth in a straight line. Achieve two functions of cutting and cutting. The overall operation of the sharpening system is: the friction wheel rotates against the side of the cam outer circle, and the power transmission of the friction wheel shaft gear; one drives the left and right two sets of ring belts to rotate the sharpener, and the other drives the two-way screw to grind. The knife device rises and falls. The gears of the friction wheel shaft have to bear the load of two sets of power.
Due to the large gap between our production technology and equipment and its design requirements, when in actual use, due to the excessive load of the transmission mechanism, the transmission part driven by the friction wheel will fail and be damaged in a relatively short period of time. The cutting machine has been recognized by the clothing production and other industries as one of the equipment they use with the most failures, the highest maintenance rate, and the highest use cost. For decades, every garment factory has been equipped with an emergency cutting machine. When the machine breaks down and is sent for repair, a spare machine is used to replace the production. Otherwise, the next process will stop production at any time.

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