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2013-09-13 10:21 Engraving machine industry transformation and upgrading

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2013-09-13 10:21Engraving machine industry transformation and upgrading

The past 10 years , the Cnc Engraving Machine industry has made rapid development, which is obvious to everyone in the industry experienced an annual growth of more than 30% , but as the market demand for diversified and CNC technology continues to evolve , CNC engraving machine industry has gradually come to an important period of change , especially after 2008 , redundant construction and blind investment does exist , the market has been overdrawn , adjust the depth of the industry has become the consensus of the industry can be said to innovative ideas, supply and demand changes in the market , product updates and other aspects are about to usher in a dramatic change, but the majority of enterprises to respond engraving machine , inside here how to achieve the transformation and upgrading of products is essential .

First, innovative ideas and products update speed is an important force for rapid development of enterprises , but this requires a strong technical and financial support , engraving machine industry from there to mature already has 27 years of history , and now the market and the customers are CNC engraving machine configuration and performance have higher requirements for quality and reliability , not only can be able to meet customer needs. Win has been done for a large scale manufacturers, how to adhere to the self, leading the industry to become critical , with the changes in market demand for the product function and performance requirements are also approaching the specialized and high-end .
Secondly , internationalization is one effective way , only by constantly introducing and learn advanced concepts, technologies and continuous inflow of talent in order to continue to close the gap . Of course, in many ways presents internationalization , study abroad is also working abroad , the introduction of foreign aid , intelligence is introduced , and then some of that equity goes far , this approach will take the law into a flower dismount see the flowers, if you dismount see the flowers you feel not enough, you can work together to plant flowers – holding, if holding you still feel uncomfortable, you can wholly-owned acquisitions .
Once again, is to focus on the adjustment of product structure , product structure adjustment , to dare to forge ahead , to let go , to find the star product , we often do so because there is market demand for certain products , not willing to give up , the result is hold with a skinny dog ​​to chase the market , skinny bitch is not fat , the market will cast you off . So the transformation and upgrading of enterprises are self- critical assessment of the engraving machine and repositioning process, and upgrade requirements to the enterprise inject new elements that make up highly integrated manufacturing and services , so that traditional manufacturing leapt to a new level of manufacturing services .
The next step as the industry adjustment and transformation and upgrading, Jinan River NC as the industry leader in CNC equipment manufacturing enterprises , will rely on the company’s strong R & D capabilities and technical strength, in woodworking engraving machine , stone engraving machine on the market to expand the space .

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