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2013-09-12 20:22 CNC engraving machine demand growth

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2013-09-12 20:22Cnc Engraving Machine demand growth

CNC machinery industry to promote the development and technological progress, the state has increased investment in special funds, not only led CNC engraving machine and CNC systems and related features of the market development, but also for the numerical control system manufacturers continue to develop its own technology to expand market provides an excellent opportunity, as the market constantly evolving, users of the technology requirements is also increasing, the demand for high-end CNC engraving machine with further growth, and market demand, China’s wood engraving machine , stone engraving machine industry will maintain rapid growth in strong demand.

In recent years in the field of high-end products, the country has achieved a breakthrough from scratch, high-end machining centers, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine and other major standard varieties do not do the basic realization of the upgrade and leap at the same time overall quality of enterprises generally improved, a group with strong market competitiveness of enterprises began to emerge, Jinan River CNC is an outstanding representative of the industry. Through the efforts of enterprises, high-end CNC engraving machines, five-axis machining centers, super heavy-duty CNC horizontal boring lathe and a number to reach the international advanced level of high-end cnc machine successfully developed, able to satisfy the aerospace, power generation equipment, automobiles and other key areas of focus for large parts machining requirements, these high-speed precision CNC machines, machining centers and other products are widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, military and other industries, to promote economic development and related industries played a very good progress role. Of course, the engraving machine industry, there are still some problems, mainly in the following aspects, performance and stability need to further enhance the design and manufacture of details need to be further improved, the need to import key components, basic components and materials of varying degrees of problem, product selection tool narrow range, cost advantage is not obvious, to some extent, a direct impact on overall performance, product protection, sealing, etc. are not careful, etc., which are to be further detailed and refined.

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