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What is the main function of CNC machine tool zero return

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The machine tool coordinate system is the inherent coordinate system of the machine tool, and the origin of the machine tool coordinate system is called the machine origin or the machine zero point. After the machine tool is designed, manufactured and adjusted, this origin is determined, and it is a fixed point.

The zero point of the machine tool is not known when the numerical control device is powered on. In order to correctly establish the machine tool coordinate system when the machine tool is working, a machine reference point (measurement starting point) is usually set within the movement range of each coordinate axis. Back to the reference point motorized or manually to establish the machine coordinate system.

The machine reference point can coincide with the machine zero point or not. The distance from the machine reference point to the machine zero point can be specified by parameters.

When the machine tool returns to the reference point position, the zero point position of the coordinate axis is known. When the reference points of all the coordinate axes are found, the CNC establishes the machine tool coordinate system.

The main function of zero return is to confirm the position of the machine tool. Because most of the gratings are incremental, the current position will be lost if the power is turned off. However, there are also gratings now, and there is no need to return to zero after starting, and some machine tools will refer to the point. It’s not about returning to a fixed position, just moving a certain distance to the left or right.

Because repeated processing of the same kind of workpiece requires a starting coordinate. How the tool moves is programmed, so every time it starts at the zero point.

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