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Application of riveting machine in capillary work

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The capillary tube is classified as a type of riveted tube, and it is named because of its thin tube diameter. After being cut and shaped by the riveting machine, the capillary is widely used as a raw material in chemical, petroleum, electronics machining, accessories, medical treatment, aerospace, air conditioning, medical equipment, kitchen utensils, pharmaceuticals, water supply equipment, food machinery, power generation, boilers, etc. field,

Specific examples of the use of riveting machines in capillary work are as follows:

  • (1): For medical machining equipment work, the riveting machine is used to form injection needle tubes, puncture needle tubes, and medical industrial tubes.
  • (2): After riveting machine, it is formed into industrial electric heating pipe and industrial oil pipe.
  • (3): Cut into the temperature sensor tube, sensor tube, barbecue rubbing tube, thermometer tube, thermostat tube, instrumentation tube, thermometer riveting tube.
  • (4): Pen tube, core protection tube, pen tube for the pen industry.
  • (5): Various electronic microtubes, optical fiber accessories, optical mixers, small diameter riveted capillaries.
  • (6): Wall clock industry, son-mother pass, raw ear rods, watch band accessories, jewelry copper needles,copper blanks for stamping.
  • (7): Various antenna tubes, car tail antenna tubes, rod antenna tubes, extension pointers, mobile phone extension tubes, miniature antenna tubes, laptop antennas, riveted antennas.
  • (8): Riveting pipe for laser engraving equipment.
  • (9): Fishing gear tube, fishing rod tube.
  • (10): Various catering industry pipes, pipes for conveying materials.

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