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Analysis of Maintenance and Management of Mechanical Equipment

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Mechanical equipment maintenance management is a systematic project with comprehensive technology, high requirements, interconnection and coordination. In the entire project, the control of equipment maintenance intervals and cycles, the implementation of maintenance projects, and the improvement of maintenance procedures require a series of professionals to determine appropriate management and maintenance procedures. It should have been given enough attention, but in fact, the current management model is difficult to meet the needs of the normal operation of the enterprise. The specific manifestations are as follows:

1. The management model is relatively backward

The traditional management model does not consider whether the maintenance is in line with the actual economics, so this management model is backward, and the production management management not only considers the needs of production, but also pursues the economics of maintenance, and reasonably reduces maintenance costs.

2. The management system is not sound

The management agency does not have sound and highly feasible management, equipment management does not receive due attention, and there is no standing capital invested in management, resulting in a low overall management level.

3. The quality of maintenance personnel is uneven

Companies generally streamline their organizations, resulting in low quality of the entire group of maintenance personnel. As a result, the technical transformation and maintenance tasks of many equipment cannot be completed, or the accuracy and performance after repair cannot meet the production requirements, which affects the normal operation of the enterprise.

4. Low equipment utilization

Enterprises generally use advanced equipment, but lack relevant technical personnel. Therefore, in many cases, the equipment tends to be idle due to a small failure, which wastes resources.

5. The guiding role of trade associations has weakened

The corresponding industry equipment management association is almost paralyzed, making it difficult to popularize the “three new” maintenance, and it is easy to cause some man-made safety accidents.

Targeted remedy for equipment maintenance management

1. One-to-one maintenance method

Equipment model, production area, performance, production process, operating status of each enterprise are different, operating environment and maintenance conditions, and the technical level of maintenance personnel, etc., make maintenance a systematic project. In this regard, enterprises should adopt the principles of diversification, compounding, and flexibility, and select an appropriate maintenance system.

To avoid surplus and insufficiency of maintenance, you can make “different equipment use different maintenance modes”, let “different parts use different maintenance modes”, and let “the same equipment use different maintenance modes in different applications”. .

2. Different equipment adopts different maintenance modes.

Some equipment that uses hydraulic and electronic technology has a complex structure and is difficult to maintain after failure. Condition monitoring should be used; some simple machinery can be repaired after the fact; some machinery that is indispensable for production should be used for preventive repair and condition repair. Combined maintenance mode.

3. Different parts adopt different maintenance modes.

The status, movement mode, and reliability requirements of each part of the equipment are not the same. For those hydraulic power, control, and executive components with complex structure, the status monitoring mode should be adopted; for those high-speed running components or safety-related components, The maintenance mode that combines planning and prevention should be adopted; and for parts such as the frame, post-maintenance mode can be adopted.

4. The same equipment adopts different maintenance modes on different occasions.

It is generally believed that after the repair mode of the equipment failure is determined, it can be applied to all similar equipment. In fact, it cannot be done. This is because: first, similar equipment has different expected performance in different applications; second, the same failure of similar equipment in different environments may have different consequences.

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