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What is the structure of a 5-axis CNC machine tool?

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Most 5-axis machine tools have a 3+2 structure, that is, the three linear motion axes of x, y, and z plus two rotation axes of the three rotation axes of a, b, and c that rotate around the x, y, and z axes. . In this way, from a broad perspective, there are three forms of x, y, z, a, b; x, y, z, a, c; x, y, z, b, c; a combination of two rotation axes In terms of form, there are basically three forms: double rotary table, rotary table plus swing head and double swing head.

Due to physical reasons, these three structural forms determine the size of the machine tool and the range of processing objects. Among them, the five-axis linkage machine tool with double turntable structure is only suitable for processing small parts, such as small integral turbines, impellers, small precision molds, etc., because the workpiece needs to move in two rotation directions when processing the workpiece. The price is relatively low. In terms of application, this is a large number of five-link CNC machine tools.

A five-link CNC machine tool with a turntable and a swing head structure. Since the turntable can be a-axis, b-axis or c-axis, and the swing head is the same, it can be a-axis, b-axis or c-axis respectively, so the turntable has a swing-head type The structure of the five-link CNC machine tool can have a variety of different combinations to adapt to different processing objects. For example, to process the blades of a steam turbine generator, the a-axis and the b-axis are required, and the a-axis needs to be matched with the tailstock to hold the workpiece. If the workpiece is long and the diameter is thin, the workpiece needs to be clamped and stretched at both ends for processing. Of course, a necessary condition here is that the two turntables must be strictly synchronized. Using c-axis plus b-axis, because the workpiece only rotates on the c-axis, the workpiece can be small or large, and the diameter can range from tens of millimeters to thousands of millimeters. The diameter of the c-axis turntable can also range from 100 to From 200mm to 2~3m, the specifications and quality of the machine tool range from a few tons to dozens of tons or even dozens of tons.

This is also a type of five-axis CNC machine tools with a very wide range of applications. Its price is in the middle, and the size, accuracy and performance of the machine vary greatly. A five-axis CNC machine tool with a double-swing head structure, so the size of the double-swing head itself is not easy to make small, generally 400~500 mm.

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