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How to choose a vertical machining center

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First of all, we must clearly prepare the processing target. Generally speaking, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for processing in a vertical machining center: Multi-process intensive workpiece refers to a workpiece that requires many tools for processing. For workpieces with cumbersome positioning, such as a multi-hole machining that requires positioning hole pitch accuracy, it is convenient to implement using the feature of high positioning accuracy of the machine tool. Repetitive production type workpieces are suitable for single-piece small batch production. Small batch refers to 1-100 pieces, each batch is not many, but it needs to be produced repeatedly.
In addition, even if the size of the workpiece is different, but it is a similar workpiece, it is easy to complete the parts of the group processing (GT) process. Complicated shape workpieces such as complex shape parts molds and aviation parts can be processed on vertical machining centers with automatic programming skills. Box and board parts are processed on the vertical machining center using the rotary table to process the box parts, such as the spindle box, pump body, valve body, internal combustion engine cylinder, etc. If even the top surface is to be processed in one clamping, a pentahedral machining center can be used. The vertical machining center is suitable for processing box heads, cylinder heads, plane cams, etc. Vertical machining centers are used to process large box bodies and board parts, such as diesel locomotive cylinder blocks, machining center columns, bed bodies, printed wallboard machines, etc.
The size of the machine tool is selected according to the size of the workpiece to be processed, and the table size of the machine tool and the stroke of the three linear coordinate systems are determined accordingly. The size of the worktable should ensure that the workpiece can be smoothly clamped on it. The processing size must be within the stroke of each coordinate. In addition, the limitation of the tool change space and the interference area of ​​each coordinate must be considered.
Selection of machine tool accuracy The accuracy of vertical machining center is classified into ordinary type and fine type, and its main accuracy items are shown in the following table: Main accuracy items of vertical machining center Accuracy items Ordinary type (mm) Fine type (mm) Linear positioning accuracy ± 0.01/full range ±0.005/full range repetitive positioning accuracy ±0.006±0.002.

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