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CNC milling machine programming

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The Milling Machine uses rotating tools (rod milling cutters, end mills, slot milling cutters, ball-end cutters, drills, taps, reamers, boring cutters, etc.) to process the plane, internal control, internal and external contours, drilling, etc. of the workpiece. Processes such as tapping and boring.

The Cnc Milling Machine can process the plane contour of the workpiece through the two-axis linkage.

Three-axis or multi-axis linkage can process complex space curved workpieces.

In order to determine the collective shape of the workpiece and its position in the machine tool, the machine coordinate system must be established.

The most basic coordinate system of a Cnc Milling Machine is a three-digit Cartesian rectangular coordinate system. The directions of the three coordinate axes X, Y, and Z conform to the right-hand rule, and the three coordinate axes are perpendicular to each other.

Additional coordinates include A, B, and C rotation axes that respectively rotate around the X, Y, and Z axes; U, V, and W linear coordinate systems that are parallel to the X, Y, and Z axes.


Machine zero point and reference point

The reference point of the CNC milling machine is generally selected near the limit stroke of the machine tool and determined by the limit switch, that is, the reference point is the farthest point between the tool and the workpiece.

The point corresponding to the reference point is the point corresponding to the reference point in the part of the CNC milling machine.

The machine zero point and reference are fixed points on the machine tool, which are adjusted by the manufacturer when the machine tool leaves the factory. Generally, it should not be changed at will.

Tool compensation related commands

G41—Tool radius compensation (left tool compensation), even if the tool is compensated to the left in the radius direction (moving a certain distance)

G45 (or G46 or G47) the way the tool cuts into the workpiece

A—The distance to start cutting into the workpiece at the feed rate

X—the coordinate of the cutting point of the tool

Y— the coordinate of the cutting point of the tool

G0 (or G1) the running mode of the tool to the cut-in point

G60 (or G61 or 64) contour processing operation mode

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