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Analysis on the Development of CNC Machine Tool Technology

Posted by: Chris Na 2021-05-26 Comments Off on Analysis on the Development of CNC Machine Tool Technology

Analysis of the development of cnc machine tool technology. The machine tool is not only an important equipment for implementing advanced manufacturing technology, but also an important carrier of manufacturing information integration. Therefore, the development of machine tools reflects the main trend of processing technology to a certain extent. The flexible manufacturing technology centered on numerical control technology formed in the late 20th century is expected to continue to progress and become the mainstream of processing technology development in the future. Its characteristics can be summarized as 3F, 3I and 3S, namely:

3F stands for flexibility and alliance. 3I stands for integration, information and intelligence; 3S stands for system software and personalization.

These characteristics indicate that it will further deepen the development of flexible automation technology for multi-variety variable batch production; develop equipment based on advanced technology and structural principles to optimize the manufacturing process; promote machine tool design to economically meet the user’s personalized processing requirements for products; build agility The manufacturing system, rapid market demand, and rapid mass listing of high-quality products; effective use of information technology and software technology in the manufacturing process to improve technical and management levels; explore the collaborative alliance environment of networked and distributed manufacturing CNC technology, etc. In order to achieve these technical goals, the current cnc machine tools are developing along the following aspects:

Taking the development of high-speed cutting as the forerunner, and attaching importance to the speed-up of the dry running process, it strives to achieve high-speed reduction in cutting man-hours and auxiliary man-hours.

While focusing on improving the material removal rate of machine tools, high-efficiency machining will vigorously promote composite machining technology with the goal of shortening the machining process chain.

The flexibility of the machine tool and its manufacturing system will be supported by reconfigurable manufacturing technology, through the rapid reorganization of the manufacturing system, to achieve a more agile and economically uncertain market’s requirements for product changes.

The working accuracy of CNC lathes, milling, grinding and other machine tools is increasing by an average of 8%-10% every year to the nano-level high precision, and the precision machining methods are continuously expanded.

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