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2013-08-14 11:14 CNC engraving machine leader

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2013-08-14 11:14Cnc Engraving Machine leader

Currently, rising labor costs, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing increasingly severe labor shortage, engraving machine an increasingly important role in ensuring the quality of products, how to reduce the number of employment, how to improve worker monomer production, becoming the company’s most concern, so that to choose a cost-effective products is particularly important. Although there are still some customers tend to choose the import of foreign equipment, domestic equipment is also true in the machining accuracy slightly inferior to foreign countries, and some high-end machinery automation technology abroad China strictly technical monopolies still exist, but the current woodworking engraving machine , stone engraving machine has achieved good results, in the international market, China’s mid-range products at very competitive woodworking machines in geometric precision, product appearance, product structure performance, noise and progress indicators in the area is large, but the price is relatively affordable .

Jinan River CNC is a development, production and sales of CNC engraving machine high-tech enterprises in recent years, the company seize market opportunities, contrarian pioneering development, the development of high-end wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine as the company’s product structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of main direction, efforts to promote innovation, relying on the state preferential policies, increased technological innovation, and strive to improve the capability of independent innovation, and strive to break through the technical bottleneck, breaking some of the key core technology the kinds of situation, while focusing on the core infrastructure components, advanced technology and advanced technology research, focusing on research and breakthroughs in a number of key technologies, consolidate product solid foundation to accelerate enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. After years of research and development and continued investment, the company produced "GANGER" brand series engraving machine gradually formed its own unique advantages, stable performance, smooth running, high precision, low energy consumption, product quality and technical level of the same industry-leading domestic and international ranking level, cost advantages more prominent, trusted by the user.

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