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2013-07-19 16:55 Woodworking engraving machine CNC technology

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2013-07-19 16:55Woodworking engraving machine CNC technology

Woodworking engraving machine industry after decades of development, the scope more widely, with the recent advances in technology, woodworking engraving machine technology becomes more perfect, especially in the high-end CNC technology has made great breakthroughs.
As consumer demand for high-end products continue to increase, obviously can not rely on hand-made to meet the needs of the market and consumers, because a limited number of artisans, craftsmen take decades more nurturing, which appeared in the high-end wood products in short supply situation, so he gave hope to give producers a woodworking engraving machine, making the development of more high-end intelligent, computer software operation more simple, high-end CNC technology to improve the future, woodworking engraving machine can naturally produce more realistic artificial carving product, and then just a little manual polishing can be considered high-end products into the high-end market to fill the gap in the market. The next step in the furniture industry and the rapid development of production and processing environment of the company product updates, woodworking engraving machine is bound to be constantly expanding range of applications, application level will gradually increase, especially high-end natural wood engraving machine even broader prospects for development.
As a leading manufacturer of Cnc Engraving Machine, CNC Jinan River has increased in recent years, the development of high-end wood engraving machine, relying on the company’s strong R & D capability, after obtaining the high-end CNC technology, product features increasingly sophisticated, more broad market prospects, the current has formed an annual output of more than a thousand high-end CNC engraving machine production base of high-tech equipment.

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