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2013-06-19 15:02 CNC control system core technology is important

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2013-06-19 15:02CNC control system core technology is important

As we all know, high-performance CNC systems, spindle, nanometer precision grating functional parts and machine design and manufacture of the core technology is the development of high-end cnc machine the most critical factor, but the reality is that currently exist, as the basis of the domestic electronics industry behind, determines the gap of high-end CNC system, the other hand foreign high-end CNC system, high-speed and high-precision performance as well as in five-axis machining and intelligence aspects of performance are better than domestic products, and its MTBF is the product of four times . It is not difficult to see that the current domestic CNC system architecture, hardware and software accessories, high speed and high precision algorithms require lengthy research and improvement.

As the industry’s technology leader in CNC equipment manufacturer, Jinan River (GANGER)CNC industry knowledge gap with foreign advanced level, in recent years the company focus on technological innovation, focusing on Cnc Engraving Machine control system core technology research and development, Strict product quality, most companies use the factory equipment Siemens CNC system, using imported or industry best engraving machine parts, assembly technology class, product quality has been in leading roles. With a series of breakthroughs in key technologies, rivers CNC engraving machine and gradually mastered the core technology, product quality and grade of the company has been significantly improved, and gradually to move closer to the direction of high-end equipment manufacturing. Currently, the company produces wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, Mold and other major products, with a high level of quality and a higher price, has been recognized by the industry and customers, and sold to the world.

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