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What does the resin sand temperature adjustment device do?

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The main technical parameters of resin sand equipment

  • 1. Used sand regeneration capacity: 4–5 tons/hour
  • 2. Old sand recovery rate: ≥95%
  • 3. Removal rate of reclaimed sand: ≥26%
  • 4. Loss of reclaimed sand: ≤3.5%
  • 5. Recycled sand powder content: ≤0.8%
  • 6. Sand mixing capacity: S2510

Double-arm continuous resin sand mixer: 10t/h

Design instructions for resin sand equipment The entire line of resin sand equipment selects the skills of crushing, two-stage magnetic separation, two-stage regeneration, and screening to regenerate used sand. According to experience, the resin sand after pouring has good collapsibility, so the line uses manual to directly participate in the magnetic separation belt conveyor. After the first-level magnetic separation, it enters the oscillation and rejuvenation. Through the vibration, the sand and the sand are rubbed. The sand block is crushed into sand grains, and then enters the secondary disc rejuvenation through the bucket elevator and magnetic separation. The sand is rubbed at a high speed of 28 m/s in the secondary disc rejuvenation to remove the film and remove the fine powder (wind separation), and then enter the bucket elevator to promote the screening on the vibrating screen above the sand bin. After screening, the sand directly enters the sand bin for standby. The above-mentioned complete set of regeneration treatment, the resettlement plan is compact, the description is reasonable, so that the regenerated sand can reach the qualified demand. An S2510 sand mixer is installed below the sand bin to mix core sand or small castings.

The production line adopts the process of secondary regeneration, primary crushing, magnetic separation, screening and repeated winnowing and micro-regeneration, so that the regenerated sand has a good shape, the particle size concentration has been significantly improved, and the particle size is more reasonable, and then the resin is reduced. The number of participants has been reduced, and the appearance cost has been reduced. Because there is less new sand that needs to be added, the new sand is directly mixed into the old sand that needs to be regenerated, and the old sand participates in the regeneration process together, so that the moisture and dust content of the old sand is reduced, and the sand grains are rounded to make the grain shape more reasonable. In order to reduce the consumption of resin and curing agent.

The planning of the whole line is reasonable, the area is small, and the pit is small, which reduces the investment in civil engineering. Some electronic control: electrical components produced by imported technology are used in the whole line, and the Japanese original PLC programmable controller is used in the sand mixer for automatic control. Each working equipment is set up with a reliable interlocking maintenance system, which makes the operation and monitoring of the entire line of equipment simple and restricts sufficient maintenance. , The entire line of electrical control system equipment and devices conform to GB/T5226-1996 (General technical conditions for industrial machinery and electrical equipment) and the relevant national safety accident prevention code JB5545-92 (Casting machinery safety protection technical conditions). In order to adequately remove the ash in the old sand, the sand disposal system is equipped with a dust removal port at each dust point, and the dust is collected and captured in the dust collector for consistent disposal. Ensure the dust emission specification, GB9078-96 (dust emission concentration specification) requirements, and improve the working environment together.

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