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Ideastep Insole Manufacturers

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Ideastep Insole Manufacturers

IDEASTEP began with Insole as well as still focus on Orthotics Orthotic.
In the year 1989, our older generation produced an Insole business named “Yili Shoes Materials Co., Ltd.” and also start to cooperate with the shos insole supplierin Jinjiang China.
In 1992 we begin to travel to various nations to promote our orthotics.
Now we Named XIAMEN KON INNOVATION CO., LTD. 厦门吉康源科技有限公司
In these 29 years, we have actually been 37 nations for the exhibitions or client seeing, the various experience makes us the difference.

We use the DEL-CAM design system and also CNC inscription as well as 3D printing innovation production Pre-fabric & Customized Orthotic Orthotics to Footcare professionals in addition to EVA Blockers for Cad-Cam Milling to Foot & Ankle Labs as well as Workshops.
Conserve your time and price :.
Made for you, to be your outsourcing workshop, we supply high-cost efficiency through range impact.
Worldwide shipment in 7 days.
Follow your” feet check as well as prescription”, which sent by means of the web, we will certainly follow to make affordable orthotics for you.
High quality:.
Possessing an industrial chain from EVA materials to ORTHOTIC products, limited quality control of each action to ensure premium surfaces.
In the year 1992, our older generation developed an Insole organization named “Yili Shoes Products Co., Ltd.”.
In 1996, we began to coordinate the shoe Manufactures in Italy, Romania, India & Turkey;.
In 2003, we got cooperate with Chain Grocery store consist of Lidl, Walmart, Audi, Rossman; At the same time, we touched Pedorthic knowledge during solution the consumers;.
In 2009– 2013, have been “The Robert M. Palmer, Institute for Biomechanics, Inc” for Organized Theory and also Practical Knowing.
In 2017, obtained C.Ped. # 4290 Title from “American Board for Qualification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and also Pedorthics, Inc.”.

Benefits of shoe Orthotics from Ideastep orthotics manufacturer are:.
orthotics producer
Eva block manufacturer

Ideastep Insole Manufacturers

< img src=”https://aideastep.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Ideastep-Insole-Homepage-banner.jpg” alt=”orthotics maker”/ > 1. Generated from 100% green, safe resources, no odor, 100% stringent quality assurance.
2. BSCI, CE, ISO9001 Approved.
3. Our shoe orthotics are lightweight, versatile, removable, comfy, breathable as well as water resistant and also are lasting. As well as the experienced designer’s style.
4. One-stop-shop service for shoe insoles, from idea and CNC milling to in-house production, quality control and also final packaging,.
5. 10000+ different selection of style type, color, design, scale, logo design, textiles, attribute and so on. OEM/ODM footwear insoles can be made use of.

Please request custom-made service and order complimentary samples if you have an interest in these shoe orthotics, as well as get item listings as soon as you can.

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