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How to choose a spindle for a wood carving cnc machine Upload to:08-14 2021

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  How to choose a spindle for a wood carving cnc machine? One of the most important components of an engraving machine is the spindle. The quality of the spindle directly affects the processing speed and accuracy of the engraving machine, so how does the wood carving cnc machine choose the spindle? Let's listen to some suggestions given by China engraving machine.

  1. If the processing efficiency of the wood carving cnc machine is pursued, the processing speed must be fast and the amount of knives must be large at the same time. For example, when processing solid wood materials, a spindle motor with a power of more than 3KW is required.

  2. Whether the spindle motor of wood carving cnc machine adopts high-precision bearings. If high-precision bearings are not used, the performance is that the spindle motor will overheat after long-term high-speed rotation, which will affect the service life of the spindle motor.

  3. Listen to whether the sound of the wood carving cnc machine spindle rotates at different speeds is uniform and no noise, especially whether the sound of high-speed rotation is uniform and harmonious.

  4. Check whether the spindle of the wood carving cnc machine is under radial force. Mainly whether it can cut harder materials at high speed. Some spindles can only cut harder materials at a very low speed. Cutting hard materials at high speeds will cause the spindle to lose rotation severely.

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  In addition, in some woodworking enterprises, woodworking engraving opportunities produce a large amount of wood dust powder, so the use of vacuum cleaner equipment wood carving cnc machine has great benefits, can avoid the pollution of wood carving cnc machine, etc., it is also conducive to the usual maintenance and maintenance work. At the same time, physical injury to the operator can be avoided.

  First of all, when choosing an engraving machine, we must choose an engraving machine with dust-proof and dust-removing device. Because it can suck away a large amount of dust generated during engraving at any time during the engraving process. Even so, there will still be a certain amount of dust in the air, so we recommend that operators wear protective glasses and dust masks during work to protect eyes and respiratory organs and prevent dust damage.

  Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner plays an important protective role in the work process of the wood carving cnc machine, so we recommend that customers should equip the machine with a vacuum cleaner. On the one hand, it can maintain the sanitation of the surrounding environment, and on the other hand, it can better protect the wood carving cnc machine. The operator of the machine. The operator himself must also take appropriate protective measures. The installation of a vacuum device can not only extend the life of the engraving machine, but also save time for you to maintain the engraving machine.

  The machines produced by our China are equipped with dust-free adsorption function, which can effectively absorb wood chips while engraving, reducing the damage to the workpiece and the individual. For more product knowledge, please consult our online customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly. .

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