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Wood CNC router with vacuum table Upload to:04-25 2021

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Wood CNC Router is a high-tech automatic CNC equipment that emerged with the development of modern CNC and the needs of the woodworking industry. It is widely used in the furniture industry, furniture decoration industry, woodworking decoration industry, musical instrument industry, and wooden handicraft industry.


Wood CNC Routers are mainly divided into aluminum profile table engraving machines and vacuum adsorption table engraving machines according to their table tops.

First of all, from the perspective of material fixation: the woodworking engraving machine for ordinary aluminum profiles uses fixtures to fix the material. After loading the material, the technician fixes the four sides of the plate through multiple fixtures, so that there will be no shaking during engraving, which leads to engraving. error.

 Wood CNC router with vacuum table                                                                           Upload to:04-25 2021

For wood CNC Router with vacuum adsorption table, you just need to push the material on the table and you don’t need to worry about it. When unloading, you only need to push it gently to unload the material. One of the major advantages of using vacuum adsorption wood CNC Router is that it is convenient to load and unload and save time. But it is not suitable for all processing techniques. What type of woodworking engraving machine to choose depends on the customer’s processing technique.


Compared with aluminum profile tabletop engraving machine, the price of vacuum adsorption tabletop wood CNC Router is higher. Its structure is composed of vacuum pump and high-quality bakelite. It can be divided into six partitions and eight partitions for vacuum adsorption, which can enhance adsorption. Function; vacuum pump power is generally 5.5kw.


When we process the plates, open the vacuum valve, the carved plates will be directly fixed, which saves a lot of time than manual fixing, and the fixing is more stable. It is suitable for wooden door processing, large-scale plate embossing and engraving, but for hollow processing or complete plate , Carved workpieces that are not flat are not suitable.


When customers choose woodworking engraving machine equipment, they must choose suitable equipment training according to their own processing technology. Although vacuum adsorption can save a lot of time, it is not suitable for every user to process. However, the design of the vacuum adsorption table is unreasonable, and problems such as insufficient air suction or air leakage are prone to occur during use.

Wood CNC router with vacuum table                                                                           Upload to:04-25 2021


If it is mainly used for hollowing and embossing, in the case of tight economic strength,I recommend to choose the wood CNC router for ordinary countertops. If it is mainly for wooden doors, cabinet doors and whole house customization, you must choose vacuum adsorption countertops wood CNC Router.


Table tops of China CNC Router can be customized. China CNC Router has unique advantages, dust-free vacuum system, active safety anti-collision system, not only environmental protection, but also guarantee the safety of operators. If you have higher requirements for environmental protection and personal safety, please consult our customer service or email .

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