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Why is die-cast aluminum not suitable for anodizing?

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To put it plainly, aluminum anode treatment is the whole process of air oxidation by this electrolysis method. During the whole process, the surface layer of aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles is generally converted into layers of air oxide film. This air oxide film is defensive and decorative. And some of its other functions. From this definition, the anode treatment of aluminum only includes the whole process of converting into an anode treatment film.

First, the anode treatment must be crystalline on the surface of the aluminum, and the aluminum profile is relatively pure, because the anode treatment film must be evenly leveled. Excessive presence of residues and other components will inevitably endanger the thickness of the emulsion that needs to be broken during the anode treatment, and even immediately harm whether it is broken or not. The most important thing is that when other metal design elements are converted into anodized film, they will immediately change the color of the film, which will immediately lead to death for dyes after anodizing.

Aluminum alloy castings and castings usually have a high silicon water content. Even if ht412 Die Casting aluminum special ash remover is used, the anodized film will be dark brown, and it is impossible to obtain a transparent air oxide film without color. As the moisture content of silicon increases, the color tone of the anodized film ranges from light gray to dark gray to gray-black. Therefore, aluminum alloy casting is not suitable for traditional anode treatment.

But die-cast aluminum is also an anodizing solution. Castings can be forged parts, car parts/CNC parts can not guarantee the structure, water chestnut, the quality of air oxidation, the center of gravity is very important to the quality of the castings, a subtle change, the key point of the processing technology support decision-making Improve the quality of anodizing. Manufacturers engaged in air oxidation of castings must conduct scientific research on the flow channel technology, die casting china process and post-production processing methods of the supporting abrasives. With strict control of the whole process, the quality of air oxidation can be guaranteed. . This includes: the design concept of the abrasive passage, the glue mouth, and the control of the Mold temperature; the application of raw materials, usually ht412 die-cast aluminum special dedusting agent can be used to remove the cool ash on the surface and prevent environmental pollution elements.

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