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What are the main components of the hydraulic press

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What are the main components of the hydraulic press:

The fuselage adopts a three-beam and four-column structure. The upper beam and the working table form a fixed frame through the column, fastening nut and adjusting nut. The accuracy of the frame is adjusted by the adjusting nut, which has outstanding strength, rigidity and precision persistence.

The upper beam, work table, sliding block and other large parts are steel welded parts. After computer optimization and planning, their strength, rigidity, structure, anti-deformation, etc. meet the specifications and application requirements, and have a surplus safety factor; use carbon dioxide gas for maintenance Welding and manual arc welding, the welding quality reaches the requirements, and the internal stress is eliminated.

Slide block: Box-shaped steel plate welded parts, the guide sleeve material at the four-column guide hole is QT cast iron, which has excellent resistance to low resistance and precision persistence. There is a T-shaped groove on the lower plane of the slider for the equipment mold.

Upper beam: steel plate welded parts of box-shaped structure, with main working oil cylinder installed inside, and liquid-filled oil tank installed on it.

Working table: steel welded structural parts, which are connected with the upper beam and the sliding block to form the main machine through the column.

Cylinder: Choose a five-cylinder plan, place it in the upper beam hole, and use double-channel imported seals to seal, and the guiding part is treated with welded copper, which is well sealed and has strong wear resistance. The material of the cylinder body is No. 45 forged steel, and the forging is Grade 3 (GB/13315-1991) Forgings are qualified through ultrasonic flaw detection, and the hardness of quenching and tempering treatment is qualified.

There is an ejection device under the worktable, which is mainly used for ejection, material return and other processes, and can also be used for the forming process of reverse-stretched parts.

Column: The material is 45# forged steel, after quenching and tempering, the surface is plated with hard chromium to increase the wear resistance and the hardness is qualified.

The nut material is 45# forged steel, which matches the thread on the column, and locks the body.

Limiting equipment: Located on the right side of the main body, the travel switch controls the upper and lower limit positions. Adjusting the upper and lower limit switches means adjusting the up and down movement direction of the slider.

This machine contains grating maintenance equipment.

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