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What are the characteristics of horizontal machining centers

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What is a horizontal machining center? Let’s take a look at Baidu Baike’s explanation: “Horizontal machining center is one of the more widely used cnc machine tools. It is mainly used for the cylindrical surface of the shaft or disc parts, and the surface and the conical surface of the arbitrary cone angle. , Complicated surface and back surface, cylindrical, conical thread cutting, etc., and can perform grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming and boring, etc. The processed parts are processed automatically according to the pre-programmed processing procedures. We Compile the machining process path, process parameters, tool motion trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions of the part into a machining program list according to the instruction code and program pattern of the rules of the horizontal machining center, and then write the contents of the program list It is recorded on the control medium and then input to the numerical control equipment of the numerical control machine tool to direct the machine tool to process the parts.”
The main features of the horizontal machining center are: high performance, high precision, low noise, compared with ordinary lathes, the degree of automation is higher, and it can be combined with automatic feeding to form an automatic processing unit.

Modern metal processing professions demand high efficiency, high profit, and low cost processing methods. Compound machine tools have become one of the development trends of machine tool products. If lathes and milling machines, which occupy a considerable proportion of machine tools, can be combined, it will undoubtedly greatly improve the performance of machine tools. Processing scale and work efficiency, improve processing accuracy and so on. Since the birth of the turning-milling compound machine tool in the last century, this type of machine tool has been rapidly developed and widely used.

Briefly speaking, the turning-milling horizontal machining center is to add a small machining center on the basis of the CNC lathe, so that the horizontal machining center increases the milling function. It is possible to add 1-8 milling power heads to the horizontal machining center, the process is integrated, the machining accuracy is high, and the machining time is saved.
The turning-milling horizontal machining center has the following advantages:
1. High precision: avoiding the man-made and machine errors caused by the slack process;
2. High efficiency: Effectively reduce production preparation time and increase the utilization rate of machine tools;
3. Reduce costs: multiple processes are completed in sequence, reducing the number of machine tools, making it easier to plan production and saving investment costs and workshop area.
It is precisely because of the many advantages that the turning-milling compound machine tool has, and more importantly, these advantages are in line with the modern metal processing industry’s needs for high-efficiency, high-profit and low-cost processing methods. Therefore, the development of turning and Milling Machine tools will certainly go to a higher level under the promotion of the market.

Summarizing the current development status of turning-milling compound machine tools and the market’s performance requirements for such machine tools, based on existing machine tools, an improved turning-milling compound CNC lathe is produced. The original CAK6130h CNC lathe is transformed into a CAK6130hb CNC turning and milling compound machine tool with the functions of turning and milling through a relatively low investment. It is believed that this type of machine tool will be favored on a certain scale in the next few years or even within a decade.
CAK6130h turning-milling horizontal machining center has the following advantages
1. The integral casting bed and guide rail have large span and good rigidity;
2. Large X-direction stroke and device application of multiple functional components;
3. Turning, milling, drilling, and tapping can be completed at one time, with high precision and high efficiency;
4. Servo spindle positioning, high indexing accuracy, automatic brake processing quality is stable and reliable; 360-degree arbitrary positioning, small indexing unit 0.001deg
5. Imported milling power head, high reliability, and many specifications to choose from, optional: double milling power head, three milling power head, two-way double milling power head, two-way four-milling power head;
6. Spindle speed 4000RPM, rapid traverse speed X: 15m/minZ: 20m/min

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