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UG NX1926 series installation method

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If NX6.0~NX1847 series~NX1872~NX1899 series versions are already installed on the computer, please uninstall its license service first, and then install NX1926 as follows to perfectly coexist.

Special note: Because the earlier version uses the 28000 port, and the NX1926, NX1899, NX1872, NX1847 and NX12.0 version use the 27800 port, so after the installation is completed, if the NX1926 appears, it can be started, and NX6~NX11.0 If it fails to start, please check your environment variable UGS_LICENSE_SERVER or SPLM_LICENSE_SERVER variable value is changed to 27800@your current system computer name

NX1926 series installation method (by: old leaf)

The first installation method:

  • 1. Download the NX1926 official version installation package and unzip it.
  • 2. Right click-open JAVA_WIN64.exe as an administrator to install the JAVA runtime platform.
  • 3. Find NX1926.lic in the “UG_NX1926 official version\XX file” directory, and open it with Notepad, replace “LaoYe” in the license with your current computer name, and save the file.
  • 4. Go back to the NX1926 installation package directory, right-click-run Launch.exe as an administrator
  • 5. Install the NX license service, there are two methods A and B to choose one, do not install at the same time!
  • Method A: One-click installation of the NX license service, open the UG_NX1926 official version\PoJie file folder, copy “NX6-NX1926LicenseServer” to the root directory of the computer hard disk, drive C, drive D, drive E, drive F, etc., and then open it You copy the past NX6-NX1926LicenseServer folder (for example, my path is: D:\NX6-NX1926LicenseServer), right-click the “Install NX License Service.bat” file inside-run it as an administrator, open it, and you can Installed automatically.
  • Method B: Click “Install License Manager” on the NX installation menu to install the NX licensing service, follow the prompts to install, and when selecting the license, select the license file pointed to in step 3.
  • 6. Copy the ugslmd.exe file in the “UG_NX1926 official version\PoJie file” directory, and replace it with the license service directory you just installed. Note that if the replacement is not replaced, you have found the wrong path. For example, my path is: D:\Program Files\Siemens\PLMLicenseServer
  • 7. Click “Install NX” on the installation menu to install the main program. The installation interface uses 27800@your current computer name when selecting the port. This step is important.
  • 8. Copy all the files (11 folders) in the “UG_NX1926 official version\PoJie file\NX1926” directory to the corresponding location of the main program installed in step 7 for replacement. For example, my main program path is: D:\Program Files\Siemens\NX1926
  • 9. Restart the computer (required).

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