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The working principle of vertical CNC machine tools

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With the industrialization of industrial production activities, people increasingly demand the interchangeability of workpieces. In order to ensure good interchangeability of the workpiece, it is necessary to require the workpiece to have a good machining accuracy, so that the cnc machine tool becomes an important equipment to ensure the machining accuracy. cnc machine tools are highly automated and can avoid errors caused by manual control. Since more complex workpieces may require relatively more machining processes, if each process is parked to change the tool, and then the tool is re-aligned and the workpiece is aligned, it will inevitably lengthen the production cycle and reduce the production rate. The machining time of a CNC lathe is mainly composed of several processes of working, aligning, turning, and unloading. Repeating the two processes of working and aligning will cause a lot of time waste, increase processing costs, and reduce productivity. In order to deal with this problem, it is necessary to add a tool magazine to the CNC machine tool so that it can actively change the tools of different processes without parking.
1 The role of vertical lathe tool magazine
Since tool compensation is set for the tip of each tool in advance, there is no need to set the tool from the beginning and align the tool after changing the tool. It can realize the continuous processing of multiple processes in the process of installing the card at one time. It can greatly improve production efficiency, minimize the uncertain factors of manual operation, and increase the yield of workpieces. Regarding the tool magazine system of a CNC vertical lathe, replacing the tool holder with a turning tool in advance is a relatively simple tool change method.
2 The operating principle of the vertical lathe tool magazine
The turning tool is pre-installed on the tool holder, and then the tool holder is sequentially pressed on the radial position of the tool holder frame. When the tool needs to be changed, the CNC system issues a command to drive the servo motor, and the large tooth is driven by the anti-backlash gear The circle rotates the corresponding point of view to make the corresponding tool rotate to the tool change orientation. At this time, the vertical tool post enters the tool change orientation, removes the tool holder, and returns to the workpiece orientation to continue processing the next process.

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