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Simple Procedure For Sheet Metal Fabrication

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  • 1. Punch: The punch is used to punch the flat parts after unfolding the parts on the sheet in one or more steps to form various shapes of materials. Its advantages are short labor hours, high efficiency, high accuracy, low cost, and suitable for large quantities. Production, but design the Mold.
  • 2. The sawing machine: mainly used aluminum profiles, square tubes, figure tubes, round bars and the like, low cost and low accuracy.
  • 3. Shearing machine: Shearing bar is used to cut the simple materials. It is mainly used to prepare the mold for blanking. The cost is low and the accuracy is lower than 0.2. material.
  • 4. NC CNC blanking. When NC blanking, first write the Cnc Machining program. Use the programming software to compile the developed drawing into a program that can be recognized by the NC digital drawing machine, and let it punch on the flat board one by one according to these programs. It can be cut into various flat shapes, but its structure is affected by the tool structure, and the cost is low, and the accuracy is 0.15.
  • 5. Laser cutting is the use of laser cutting to cut the structural shape of the flat plate on the large flat plate. The same as NC blanking, a laser program needs to be written. It can be used to cut various flat plate pieces with high cost and accuracy.

Sheet Metal Bending Supplier will have corresponding precautions when processing and stamping. What are the specifics? Here are four points you should pay attention to during Sheet Metal Fabrication stamping.

  • 1. Low heat conduction and large thermal expansion (austenite system), so use water-soluble lubricating oil with good cooling performance.
  • 2. The yield strength and tensile strength are high, the austenitic stainless steel has a large work hardening, and is prone to springback and transverse damage. Therefore, the humidity, rigidity and wear resistance of processing equipment must be excellent. Aluminum bronze (usually aluminum bronze ( PVD, CVD surface treatment).
  • 3. For austenitic stainless steel, the work hardening characteristics near room temperature are greatly affected by temperature, and the formability is greatly affected by temperature and speed. Generally, under high temperature and high speed conditions, the value of n decreases, and the molded part deteriorates. Therefore, the use of the temperature-dependent temperature processing method can obtain excellent stamping performance.
  • 4. For some products, the surface gloss of stainless steel plates is often used directly. To avoid surface damage during external pressure processing, in order to prevent surface defects and lubrication, usually the surface of the steel plate is vinyl coated or a lubricated steel plate is selected.

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