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Selection of hydraulic cylinders and maintenance methods

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Hydraulic cylinders (cylinders for short) are commonly used components in hydraulic systems and act as actuators in the hydraulic system. Other components such as pumps, valves, oil filter accessories, etc. are all provided for the hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder is used as a hydraulic control system. The final actuator plays a very important role in mechanical equipment. Therefore, how to correctly select hydraulic cylinders has become a special concern for enterprises. Under normal circumstances, when we choose hydraulic cylinders, we usually choose hydraulic cylinders based on inner diameter, stroke, working pressure, and installation type. When choosing a hydraulic cylinder, in fact, in addition to these methods, you can also choose the following points by other methods, which are worthy of our attention:

  • 1. When the operating speed of the hydraulic cylinder reaches a certain standard after being loaded, a hydraulic cylinder with a buffer device must be used, or a reduction valve must be installed outside the hydraulic cylinder when it reaches a higher speed.
  • 2. It is to carefully select hydraulic oil and oil seals with different hydraulic oil droplets and use different materials of oil hydraulic machine seals to ensure the service life of the hydraulic cylinder.

Do you know how to maintain hydraulic cylinders? Let’s take a look at it together.

  • 1. The hydraulic cylinder and surrounding environment should be clean, and the fuel tank should be sealed to prevent contamination. Pipelines and fuel tanks should be cleaned to prevent falling off iron oxide scale and other debris. Use lint-free cloth or special paper for cleaning. Can not try twine and adhesive as sealing materials. The hydraulic oil cylinder is designed according to the design requirements, pay attention to the changes of oil temperature and oil pressure. When there is no load, unscrew the exhaust bolt to exhaust.
  • 2. The base of the hydraulic cylinder must have sufficient rigidity, otherwise the cylinder tube will bow upwards when pressurizing, causing the piston rod to bend.
  • 3. The piping link must not be slack.
  • 4. Before installing the hydraulic cylinder into the system, compare the parameters on the hydraulic cylinder label with the parameters when ordering.
  • 5. The central axis of the movable cylinder with a fixed foot base should be concentric with the center line of the load force to avoid causing lateral force, which is likely to cause seal wear and piston damage. When installing the hydraulic cylinder of the moving object, keep the cylinder and the moving object in parallel with the direction of movement on the guide rail surface, and the parallelism is generally not more than 0.05mm/m.

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